Understanding Flower Color Meanings and Choosing the Best Wedding Bouquet

florist holding a basketful of tulips

Some people think that getting flowers for special occasions is uninspired, because it is such a default option. On the contrary, however, if you know just how much meaning there is in this gesture, and how complex the language of flowers could be, then you wouldn’t be too quick to judging flowers for gifts as being unoriginal.

More specifically, different flowers have different meanings for every occasion they represent. Even the colors they appear in, or the arrangement in which they are placed in a bouquet can have their own relevance. It’s entirely up to you, of course, as long as you know exactly what they mean. The more you are aware about the significance of the flowers, therefore, the deeper the message you can convey to your intended recipient of flowers.


Flower Color Meanings

When it comes to romance, there is usually only one thing that comes to mind as a choice for flower: the rose. And it’s true; the red rose symbolizes love and passion. Not all roses are made to mean the same, though—yellow roses mean friendship. So unless that really is the message you intend to convey, it’s best to not bring it to the person you are trying to express your feelings to, even if it is their favorite color.

Apart from that, although a red rose can mean passion, you should take care about picking up the deeper crimson version of it—this means mourning. So unless you are paying respects to someone who’s passed, you wouldn’t want to mistakenly send this color of rose to someone you are trying to send a romantic message to.

Another popular flower, tulips, also means love when it comes in red. Previously, its yellow variant would mean hopeless love, but over time this has evolved to something more of sunshine and happy, cheerful thoughts. You could, therefore, probably send the yellow tulip to tell someone you wish them a happy day, or that they are your sunshine.

There are many other flowers that carry a significant meaning with them. Understanding the meaning of flowers and their colors will help you choose just the right type for each occasion you will give them for. In case you are not familiar with any of these meanings, you can simply go to an experienced florist and ask questions like “What do the colors of flowers represent?” or “Which one means exactly what you want to convey in a particular occasion?”

The Wedding Bouquet

Perhaps there is no other wedding bouquet as coveted and as important as the fresh flower wedding bouquet. This is what the bride will proudly carry with her as she walks down the aisle to get married. Ideally, the bride should plan out her wedding bouquet early on, so that they can guarantee the availability of the floral supply in Houston. Certain flowers only bloom in season, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on your ideal bouquet just because you did not bother to check if the type of flower you want is really available.

The most commonly used flowers for a wedding bouquet include the white rose, which symbolizes unity and love. Azalea, which is also white in color, also represents love and romance. The violet flower expresses faithfulness, modesty, and love. Dogwood also represents love, but not just any kind of love—rather it speaks of love even through the harshest of difficulties and challenges. The clover goes well with the vows, “In sickness and in health,” because it does mean good luck and health.

The great thing about knowing the different meanings of these flowers is that you can better mix and match them according to the message you want to communicate. Even if the recipient may not necessarily know, you can simply tell them the meaning behind each flower. It should make for a great conversation piece too, that way.

Fortunately, you can find good quality supply of these natural beauties through one of the best flower shops in Houston such as River Oaks Plant House. A professional flower shop can help you find the best bunch of flowers for the occasion, so seek their help if you are unsure what to get.




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