We are proud to be the largest topiary manufacturer in the United States. With over 30 years of experience behind us, we have produced some of the most beautiful topiaries the world has seen. We have worked hard to supply topiaries for homes, gardens, and cities around the world! In fact, we have even become a tourist stop of sorts for city tours of Houston.

The secret to our topiaries is in the tender love and care we exhibit during the manufacturing process. Our topiaries are sculpted by the hands of some of the most incredibly talented craftsmen, rather than in a factory assembly line. This allows us to exhibit an attention-to-detail that our customers immediately notice. Additionally, our patented design helps make our topiaries last for years and years.

If you are interested in having your own topiary, please do not hesitate to visit our “green menagerie”. We’d love to show you around and discuss your designs with you. International customers are more than welcome!

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