The Life of a Florist: What You Probably Didn’t Know Happening Inside a Flower Shop in Houston

a basketful of tulips handed over by a floristAnyone who’s been to a flower shop in Houston before may think they’ve seen everything. After all, what else should there be apart from flowers, florists, and their scissors. As it turns out, there’s more to a flower shop than meets the eye. Here are some of the things about flower shops and secrets of a florist that you might find interesting, and helpful if you plan on buying from one someday.

The Job of a Florist is Exhaustive

There’s no denying the exciting opportunities that await anyone who wants to work in a flower shop. Apart from the joy of witnessing rare but lovely blooms firsthand, you’ll also get to be exposed to their therapeutic aroma all day, which is nothing like the synthetic smell of perfume. In truth, the job of a florist is actually labor-intensive, not only because it involves carrying heavy jars and pots of plants and flowers but also because they are in a constant race against time to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible.

Florists Wake Up Very Early

Like any other business that operates during the day, a flower shop needs to open early. In fact, they have to open earlier than other stores because they have to prepare the flowers other stores need before they open. This ranks up the difficulty of the job and life of a florist. Not only do they anticipate exhaustive tasks ahead but they also have to be early risers.

They Take Anti-Allergy Meds

Just as medical professionals take vitamins to improve their body’s resistance to infection, which is prevalent in their line of work, florists also have to take meds every now and then to fight off allergies. Not all florists are immune to the effects of allergens they could get from flowers. Some of them are required to take meds before they go to work to avoid feeling sick while on duty.

They Offer Other Products apart from Flowers

Most people who only go to flower shops to buy flowers are often surprised to see many other items available for sale. Established and well-known flower shops in downtown Houston like River Oaks Plant House offer products ranging from plants and topiaries to flower containers such as baskets, ceramics, and many more. They literally are a one-stop shop for all your gardening and landscaping needs.

The next time you go to a flower shop, get ready to see more than the usual stuff. You can even talk to any of the florists and ask about working as a florist and the exciting things they have in store. Maybe you’ll find one you like apart from the best romantic flowers you are eyeing out for.

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