How to Pick Your Wedding Reception Tables

wedding flowers on wedding tablesTables are an irreplaceable element in both the wedding and the reception. Without them, there wouldn’t be proper places for the wedding cake, cocktails, guestbook, and other symbolic items. In fact, there’s no better way to classify the guests than by using tables of different lengths and shapes. And where there is a table, a centerpiece should be present. Otherwise, it will just be an ordinary table, which has no place in an extraordinary event like wedding. So here are some factors that you should consider when planning the best wedding table flower arrangements and when choosing tables you need at a wedding.

Types of Table

There are about ten types of table you need to prepare to complete your wedding venues. You need a table in the lobby where you could formally welcome the guests and have them sign the guestbook and escort card. A head table for you and your new spouse is also a must and should be the most conspicuous of all the tables at the venue. You should also prepare tables for the food, gifts, drinks, and, of course, for the most symbolic display of all—the wedding cake. The guests must also be seated around tables so make sure there’s enough for everyone, even for the photographers and caterers. Depending on your preferred style, you can decide to have a different flower arrangement for each type of table.

Shape and Dimension

Wedding tables are generally either round or long. So what tables do you need at a wedding? Choose the shape and size that fits the available floor space at the venue, the motif, and of course your budget. It would also help to take into account design aesthetic and logical feasibility. Whatever wedding table flower arrangements you will prefer pretty much have to do with the shape and size of your tables. The bigger the tables, the bulkier the arrangements. Meanwhile, small tables look more stunning and efficient with naturally stretched out flowers in tall, erudite vases.


Here’s the tricky part. It may seem inconsequential but the number of tables you should prepare may have a significant effect on several critical aspects of the occasion. For instance, the number of guests you should invite might depend on how many tables could fit in the venue. Sometimes, even the decorations and floor plan have to be adjusted to make sure there’s enough space around the tables for movement. Of course, you have to discuss this with your florists because it will help them determine the quantity of wedding flowers they have to prepare.


Needless to say, your wedding table flower arrangements must complement the wedding’s main motif. You don’t want pink roses and peonies awkwardly coupled with a green mantle. You have to be very careful with the colors you will choose as a lot of them don’t go well with others. Take your motif into account. After all, it’s called motif because it affects every aspect of your wedding, including table flower arrangements.

Of course, the best tip on how to pick your wedding reception tables and how to make an excellent decision on wedding table flower arrangements is to consult with a florist. Well, if you will hire a florist, this is one of the things they will ask you about so you can’t avoid or miss it anyway. So all you have to do to make sure your tables will leave a lasting great impression on all of your guests is to find the most reputable florist in Houston. River Oaks Plant House is one of the best options you have.

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