Best Tips for Making a Fresh Flower Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Florists Make the Most Stunning Fresh Flower Bridal Bouquets
The bridal bouquet is one of the most remarkable elements in a wedding, not only because it is made of the most exquisite of all the wedding flowers, but also because it carries a symbolism of its own. Specifically, it represents happiness, satisfaction, and fellowship, which are the basic ingredients of a perfect marriage.

As simple as it may seem, making a bridal bouquet with the right combination of flower types, sizes, and colors, actually takes a lot of experience to achieve. Not very many florists are well-versed in wedding bouquets so it can be tricky to find one who can bring your ideas to life. If possible, choose a florist who has deep understanding of the meaning of each type of floral element in the ceremony. That way, your bouquet will not just mesmerize everyone but also send the right message.

In the meantime, while you’re envisaging the best florist to entrust your wedding flowers to, try to identify the most important factors you should consider when making a fresh flower wedding bouquet.

In Season for the Wedding, Not for Now

Most wedding flowers are seasonal. Meaning, they only blossom at a certain time of the year. This makes choosing the types of flowers for your bridal bouquet particularly thorny. You probably have specific types of flowers you want to be used on your wedding, but you also want to hold your wedding at a time when those flowers are not in season. These conflicting choices will only lead to disaster, so better make some adjustments.

Ask your wedding florist in Houston what types of flowers are available at the date of your wedding. Of if it really means so much to you to have certain types of flowers on your wedding, you can opt to move the date of the wedding instead.

The Dress before the Flowers

Keep in mind that you will be holding the bridal bouquet throughout the celebration. This means people will see and appreciate it along with your dress. Therefore, you should think of the bridal bouquet not as a separate item but as a part of your outfit. That will make it easier for you to choose a suitable style for the bouquet. Needless to say, you should think of the dress first and then decide on the bridal bouquet.

Size of the Bouquet

How big the bridal bouquet should be actually depends on your liking. If you want it small and simple, there’s always a way to make that work. Same goes with wanting it big and grandiose. Then again, going beyond the ideal size is quite risky. You may like it now but when you and the entire family see your photos ten years from now, you might have a different reaction and opinion. So it’s always better to stick with the standard size when it comes to your bridal bouquet. You don’t want it to steal all the attention while you’ve worked so hard to pick and prepare each and every element that makes up your wedding.

Think Outside the Vase

One of the biggest mistakes most brides-to-be make is thinking of the flowers in their vase when choosing flowers for their wedding, particularly for their bouquet. While the everyday flowers you put in your vase are undoubtedly stunning, they may not befit a wedding bouquet. In fact, there’s an entirely different variety of flowers that best suit wedding bouquets. Think out of the vase and focus on those flowers.

With all the big decisions you have to make to ensure the success of your wedding, you are just a few inch away from making mistakes that can ruin everything. This is why you need to get a florist involved. They can give ideas and options that you’ve never thought possible, which can help you smooth out the wrong choices. However, make sure that your florist is from one of the country’s leading flower shops like River Oaks Plant House to ensure not just the good quality of your bridal bouquet but also the success of your wedding as a whole.


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