Decorating with Flowers: Which Flowers to Look for in a Flower Shop

Decorating a room with flowers is a great way to add a splash of color and life to any room in your home. While many people choose to go with plastic flowers due to its low-maintenance nature, the fact of the matter is that nothing beats having real, fresh flowers on display. The best part is that there are many flower shops in Houston, like River Oaks Plant House, that can supply you with some stunning flowers that you can use to decorate your home.

When decorating a room with fresh flowers, one can hardly go wrong with whatever choice they make. However, there are certain flowers that are better suited for the purposes of a particular room over other varieties of flowers. Understanding the function of a room will help you choose flowers that lend themselves well in lifting up the theme and ambiance of a room. With that in mind, this quick room-by-room guide may prove to be useful in helping you decide which flowers work best:

A Flower Shop Can Supply the Freshest Flowers for Your Work Space

Living Room

Living rooms are designed to be bright, cheerful, and comfortable for the benefit of the household and any guests that may pay a visit. As such, it’s only natural that the flowers you decide to place in your living room reflect these ideas. Two flowers generally come to mind:


If your living room adopts a rustic theme, you may want to consider having a vase of tulips on the coffee table. These brightly colored flowers generally come in red, yellow, or white hues. This makes them versatile enough to fit most color schemes.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a type of climbing flower that lends a touch of elegance to any room. You can easily place them as a coffee table centerpiece or keep them on a shelf. Keep in mind that sweet peas typically come in rich purple hues which may not be a good fit with the color theme of your living room.


The bedroom is often a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. This room is often the easiest to decorate with flowers since you can easily just choose your favorite one. In line with the function of the bedroom, however, two types of flowers stand out.


Lilacs are stunningly beautiful flowers that are abundant during spring. What you’re after most with lilacs is their fragrance. The scent of lilacs is often used to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. A small vase of fresh lilacs may be able to help you de-stress after a long day and fall asleep faster.


Ever the favorite, roses make a fantastic choice for decorating bedrooms. It is no secret that roses are a symbol of love, which can help create a romantic atmosphere for you and your spouse. Red roses look absolutely beautiful in bedrooms that are predominantly white.


When it comes to flora in the kitchen, many people prefer to grow a variety of herbs so that they can use them fresh while cooking. Despite this, adding a vase of fresh flowers in the “heart of the home” can help make cooking less of a “chore” and more of a “joy”. Keep in mind that flowers in this room should be able to take the heat generated by nearby stoves and ovens.


There are a wide range of succulents available in the market today. These low maintenance plants are hardy and can easily withstand the higher temperatures found in kitchens. In fact, many succulents tend to look even more beautiful the more they are stressed out by heat.

Tropical Flowers

Naturally, flowers that grow in tropical climates also work well in kitchens. This is especially true if your kitchen is designed to let in a significant amount of natural light. There are many choices available, but some of the more desirable ones include protea and anthurium.


Having a vase of bright, lively flowers in the bathroom is a great start to any day. Due to the significant presence of water in bathrooms, it would be a good idea to prioritize flowers that enjoy humid settings. The following flowers are easy enough to find at your local flower shop.


Orchids are often seen as delicate flowers, but the bathroom offers a great location to place an orchid or two. These flowers often thrive in humid conditions, an environment that can easily be achieved when taking a warm shower. Just make sure that you keep the orchid away from direct sunlight.

Oriental Lilies

Native to Japan, oriental lilies are known for beautiful blooms of white, pastel yellow, or pastel pink for a splash of color in a neutral-color bathroom. One of the most attractive features of oriental lilies and why they are a great fit in bathrooms is because of their strong, yet relaxing fragrance.


Outdoor living spaces like patios and decks often benefit from the plants and flowers blooming just a few feet away in the garden. Despite this, having a beautiful arrangement on the table can work wonders for the ambiance of a patio, especially if you regularly entertain guests here.

Birds of Paradise

As a tropical flower, birds of paradise are a great option for patios since they easily adapt to warmer temperatures. The flowers often resemble a brightly colored bird in flight. This makes for a great conversation starter for you and your guests.


Graceful and elegant, hydrangeas come in a diverse range of eye-catching colors. They may look quite delicate, but hydrangeas can be hardy when taken care of properly. Lots of fresh air and keeping it away from direct sunlight—something that should be simple to do if you patio is covered—are some of the steps to help keep hydrangeas fresh. They are recommended more for if you will be hosting an event rather than an “everyday decoration”.

If you are still having trouble deciding, do not hesitate to ask a florist at your local flower shop. Experienced florists can easily recommend some beautiful flowers. Alternatively, they can easily create stunning arrangements using a combination of the flowers mentioned for a truly unique feel.