Top 4 Questions a Florist Should Ask a Bride

flower-field beach weddingBehind every successful wedding is a talented florist. Planning a wedding without involving professional floral services is a risk no forward-thinking couples would dare take. If you want your wedding to be extra special, leave all matters involving flowers from bouquets to boutonnieres to a florist from downtown Houston.

More than anyone, a florist knows the right types of flowers to pick for each wedding element and how many. Their expertise is key to the realization of your dream wedding, an irreplaceable role even your most experienced married relatives and friends won’t be able to match. When you work with a florist, expect that you will be asked a ton of questions on your initial appointment. Providing them with all the information they need can help set things into motion. Here are some questions a florist should ask a bride.

When and where should the wedding be held?

Like you and all of your guests, your florist doesn’t want to be late on your wedding day. More specifically, they want the flowers to be set up a few hours ahead of time, so they’ll ask for the exact time and date of the wedding as well as the complete address of both the wedding and the reception venues. In case there’s another wedding to be held at the same venue prior to your wedding, they need to know about that as well, as it will affect their setup time.

What types and colors of flowers should you use?

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is choosing the types and colors of flowers. If you’ve already made your pick some time ago, your florist would love to know about it. It’s highly likely that they would give suggestions and advices that veer away from your own ideas and preferences, especially if they know there are much better options available. You need to trust your florist because they practically know more about wedding flowers than you do.

How big and tall are you guests?

Your florist will be asking for dimensions, particularly the height and frame size of the main characters in the wedding. They will also ask for the design of each type of gowns and suits the bride, bridesmaids, and the main guests will be wearing. This information will help them determine the types of flowers that not just match the dresses but also bring out the elegance and class in those outfits.

How many are coming and where will the flowers come from?

Of course, your florist will have to ask how many of your guests will wear or carry flowers to have a good estimate of just how many flowers they need to produce. This will help them decide what type of vehicle to use as well as the necessary tricks to keep the flowers fresh for the rest of the occasion. Some flowers wilt faster than others and therefor require special care.

One good way to find out if you are working with a responsible florist is to judge them by the questions they ask. An eager and inquisitive florist is often your best bet. After all, if you want someone’s wedding to be as special as possible, you will do everything to avoid making mistakes and you can only do that by gathering as much information from the would-be couple as possible. Florists from established flower shops like River Oaks Plant House are the best examples.

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