How to Plan a Wedding—From Choosing the Best Wedding Flowers to Flower Delivery In Houston

As an event planner, you should know that the success of an event, especially a momentous one like a wedding, can be largely in your hands. It’s your job to make the whole experience of “being there” more than worthwhile for everyone, particularly for the would-be couple and their families.

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Among the first things you should think about as soon as you accept the job, is how the venue should look. Decoration is a high priority since it represents the extravagance that could set your client’s celebration apart from others, or at the very least, it embodies the would-be couple’s dream wedding.

When you think of wedding venue decoration, floral design should be one of the first items that come to mind. After all, apart from the dress, flowers are going to be the most vivid and perceptible elements at the venue and throughout the celebration. In fact, the kinds of flowers you suggest for bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and decorative blooms may define the whole wedding experience.

First Things First—What Does the Would-Be Couple Want

Everything should start from consultation. Talk to your client and ask them about their dream wedding—where they want to hold it, how many people they plan on inviting, and the motif they prefer. You should take note of all the information you gather because that’s where you will base your choice of flowers from.

You can always ask them about the specific flowers they want to have in their wedding, but unless they are floral experts themselves, assume that they may not be aware of all the options. In preparation, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of flowers used for the best weddings in the country, specifically the rarest yet most elegant species, and be ready to suggest them if you think they suit your client’s needs and budget.

In suggesting flower types, there are other factors apart from the client’s preference and the flower’s market demand that you need to take into account. For instance, be sure that the wedding flowers are in season; otherwise, it will be difficult to find them and gather the needed quantity.

Don’t necessarily suggest options that you believe will save the money, as most would-be couples want their wedding to be as memorable as possible so they normally allocate a good piece of their wedding’s budget on floral design. It’s no wonder the floral industry in the U.S. is worth $25 billion. It’s generally a good idea to present the best options for their wedding (irrespective of the cost) upfront, and them ask if they need some less expensive options as well. That said, you also should be ready to present solutions that could pare down your client’s budget.

The Best Types of Flowers to Recommend

As mentioned earlier, most of your clients would prefer the more expensive types of flowers for their big day. It can be very satisfying when you present them with all the most desirable options and explain how each type can make a difference in their wedding. Here’s a list of the flowers you should put at the top of your list of recommendations:

Calla Lilies. An absolute favorite for many brides, calla lilies make a stunning bouquet. White calla lilies, in particular, can easily stand out among a posy of different blooms because of their unique, flamboyant structure. Of course, there are other colors of calla lilies that have wedding-worthy characteristics of their own, each of which suits other occasions as well, but nothing comes close to the white blossoms.

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Roses. Although they appear in almost all weddings either as the main flower or just fillers, roses still rank as one of the most loved wedding flowers. Apart from being the most ostensible symbol of romance, which is the very idea of a wedding, roses have other exclusive offerings. For instance, despite its undeniable sophistication, the rose is among one of the least expensive flowers out there, mainly because it’s available all year round, which is another perk to boot in itself.

Peonies. Your client’s wedding is an emblem of love, happiness, and ambition, three things the peonies symbolize better than other types of flowers. They offer a sweet sentiment for such a romantic, memorable day. Unfortunately, peonies are only in season during late spring, but there are florists offering them off season that you can turn to.

White Hydrangea. Unlike other flowers, the hydrangea is a pretty complicated type, as it symbolizes diverse meanings. However, the white hydrangea is quite different. It plainly denotes heartfelt and honest emotions of any sort, particularly a deeper understanding between two people. Apart from the meaning, the flower itself is undeniably charming, quite the type that makes romantic celebrations rather extraordinary. Also, it doesn’t take complex arrangement to turn white hydrangea into the perfect bouquet.

Of course, these are only some of the finest choices your clients have. There’s a long list of other flowers that you can recommend, and each of them has a story that might match your client’s desires and needs. This is why it’s important for a wedding planner like you to know every flower there is on that list, especially their pros and cons for certain preferences. It pays to think like a florist when planning a wedding.

Find a Florist in Houston that You Can Partner With

Floral design is not the only task wedding planners like you have on their plate. There are other important things that you need to take care of as well, such as logistics, reception, and invitation. To make the whole floral design simpler and less of a hassle for you, so that you can also perform the rest of your tasks properly, you should find a florist that you can comfortably partner with. The florist will be the one to take on the complicated task of ordering and preparing flowers for event decoration, while you prepare the venue.

It’s crucial to find a florist in downtown Houston that has been providing wedding flowers for a long time. This way, you won’t have trouble when it comes to flower delivery in Houston. A reputable and experienced florist can better deal with all kinds of issues, including minor ones like traffic and simple, accidental errands. Also, a Houston florist like River Oaks Plant House has all the best types and highest quality flowers in their arsenal, considering that they’ve already established partnerships with the state’s top flower suppliers.

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