Tips and Tricks on How to Order Flowers for Delivery to a Celebrating Loved One

Flowers are an excellent present for a celebrating loved one. Make sure to follow these simple yet helpful tips when you order flowers for delivery.

When buying flowers, some people tend to “auto-pilot” and get it done and over with. However, this kind of mentality can lead to lower quality flowers at a relatively higher price point. Make sure you get the most out of the flowers you order and thoroughly impress your loved ones by following this simple flower buying guide:

When Possible, Visit the Shop Itself

Although ordering flowers online is a common practice today, do go the extra mile and visit one of the best Houston flower shops that deliver fresh flowers, like River Oaks Plant House. This is important because you can see the quality of the flowers that will be used in the bouquet you’ll have delivered. Visiting the flower shop yourself also allows you to get the opinion of the florist on which bouquets work best with the occasion you’re celebrating or even help you with a customized bouquet. This can be especially helpful if you aren’t too familiar with flower language.

Always Order Flowers in Advance

It’s a good practice to order flowers several days ahead of time. Not only does this give the florist more time to create a gorgeous arrangement, but you can also save on rush delivery costs. Additionally, this gives the florist time to contact you in case certain flowers are unavailable. If you are ordering flowers to be sent on a special day (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.), make sure you order weeks ahead of time. This helps you avoid the spike in price associated with flowers on these days and assures you that your chosen bouquet will be ready on the day and delivered to your loved one’s doorstep. This leads to the best flower delivery in Houston you could ever experience.

Choose Flowers In-Season for Lusher Bouquets

When you order flowers for delivery, it’s usually a good idea to choose flowers based on your loved one’s favorite flowers. However, do take the time to check if the flowers you want are in-season. There are two reasons why you want to do this. The first reason is that flowers that are in-season are abundant, so it’s fairly easy to find and the significant amount kept in stock may lead to more affordable prices. The second reason is that flowers that are in season tend to be lusher than flowers that aren’t in season, creating a vibrant and beautiful bouquet.

Choose the Day of Delivery Wisely

Lastly, you’ll want to choose the day of delivery carefully. This is mostly to help you save a few extra dollars on the delivery fee. In most cases, it is slightly more expensive to have flowers delivered on the weekend since Saturday and Sunday are considered prime days. It’s a good idea to have flowers delivered on a weekday instead, especially if it’s a “just because” bouquet. Mondays should be avoided if a flower shop is closed on a Sunday as there may be a chance that the flowers used in the bouquet were cut last Saturday.

This is only a basic guide to buying flowers and having them delivered to their recipient. If you are still having trouble with choosing the right bouquet for your significant other, do not hesitate to consult the flower shop’s head florist. Simply by sharing a few details about your significant other, you can help an experience florist create a truly stunning bouquet.


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