How to Keep Flowers Fresh after Receiving Them from Delivery

everyday flowers on a worktableFresh flowers are very delicate items. Even the slightest change in temperature can strip away their crispness. If you know the right way to preserve them, however, they can stay fresh for hours or even days. Especially if you are planning to surprise someone with these flowers, it heflps to know a thing or two about flower care. Here are a few tips on how to preserve flowers that you can follow if you are expecting a flower delivery in Houston.

Extreme Heat or Cold Is a No-No

While you can preserve fresh goods like meat and vegetables by putting them in your fridge, it’s a different story if you’re handling flowers. They are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Too much heat or cool can wick away the moisture that gives them their juiciness. Other flowers, however, require temperature a little lower than room temperature to stay fresh. At night when temperature outside plummets, keep the flowers away from drafty doors or windows.
In the morning, let them get early sunshine but don’t expose them too long or else they will wilt quickly.

What about Plastic and Smoke?

If your flowers are wrapped in plastic, take them out immediately so they can breathe. Plastic is, after all, impermeable and can trap heat very quickly. Don’t place the flowers along the path of smoke, be it from cigarette or from a barbecue stove. Smoke carries enough heat to cause the flowers to wilt, as well as tar that might block the air passage in the cellular structure of flowers, suffocating them as a result. Maintaining a steady flow of air can help keep flowers fresh longer.

Don’t Place Them Next to a Fruit Bowl

Fruits are notorious for its ability to give off ethylene gas, a colorless flammable gas with a faint sweet and musky odor. This gas results from the ripening of the fruit, or may be produced when the fruit is injured in some way. It plays an important role in the rate by which a fruit ripens. When exposed to ethylene gas, flowers have the same reaction; their growth rate speeds up until they wither and rot.

Put in Water and Cut the Stem

Upon receiving the flowers, place them in a vase with clean water immediately. Make sure to pull off the leaves from the area of the stems that will be submerged in water. These leaves will only rot and breed decay-causing bacteria in the water, which may infect the stems and the entire flower overtime. Also, cut off an inch from the bottom of each stem but make sure to do this while the stem is submerged in the water. This way, the newly cut stem will not be exposed to air, which might close it up, preventing water and oxygen from seeping through.

Use the Freshener Your Florist Gave You

More than anyone, your florist in Houston knows exactly how to keep your flowers fresh. So when they tell you to use a certain freshener product, go on and use it. This product actually contains sugar that feeds the flowers and chemicals that slow the growth of algae and bacteria. It would even be better to ask them for tips before leaving the shop or the delivery guy before sending them away.

These simple yet effective tips on how to keep flowers fresh that can come in handy when you are planning to gift someone with flowers on their special occasion. It’s likely that you will receive the flowers early through same day flower delivery so you have to know what tricks to use to keep the flowers fresh before the right time comes. You can get help from a top flower shop in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House.


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