Spring Weddings: Wedding Flowers That Capture The Essence of Spring

Spring is one of the most popular time for weddings throughout the country, and it’s not hard to see why. The season is often associated with “a new beginning”. What better way to celebrate that than starting a new chapter in your life together with “The One”?

Another great reason why spring is an ideal time to get married is because many of the most popular flowers are in bloom, which means that you and your wedding florist in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House, are able to choose from a wide range of flowers. Seeing as you’ll be wed in spring, however, you may want to choose flowers that capture the essence of the season. Some gorgeous options include:

A Wedding Florist Can Choose the Most Beautiful Flowers for Your Wedding


Peonies are one of the most commonly used flowers in weddings across the country thanks to their perfect blend of softness and texture. This makes the flower great for both bridal bouquets and as table centerpieces at the wedding reception. Best of all, the soft pastel colors that most peonies come in are able to complement a wide range of color themes. Taking all of these into consideration, it isn’t a wonder why peonies are regarded as “the king of flowers” in several cultures around the world.


Are you having an outdoor wedding? If so, tulips are a great choice for wedding flowers. These rustic flowers truly shine in outdoor settings, but also make a great fit for colorful indoor weddings. Stunning red tulips also symbolize the ideas of “perfect love” and “happy years to come”, making tulips an ideal symbol to give your wedding vows even more meaning.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a truly elegant climbing flower that comes in rich purple hues. Although they are often used accent colors and a way to add some texture to bouquets, they are also quite beautiful when used as table centerpieces, especially when used in a wedding with a lilac color theme. Thanks to their stunning color and candy-like scent, however, it isn’t uncommon to see this spring flower as the primary flower in the bouquet for the bride and her bridesmaids.


Hydrangeas are highly valued for their elegance and grace, which is why they go beautifully with weddings. They come in a diverse range of colors, helping the flower blend with nearly any color theme and other flowers in a bouquet. Hydrangeas are often associated with the seaside, so they tend to shine when used as the main flower in beach weddings or in wedding reception venues with breathtaking views of the sea.


Despite the fact that lilacs are some of the more stunning flowers that bloom in spring, they are often and underrated choice for weddings. Lilacs are best known for their brilliant purple hues, but they also come in an eye-catching white if you are planning an all-white theme for your wedding. The best part is that they are especially abundant right in the middle of the season, allowing you to have your pick of the litter.