Expressing Sincere Messages with Help from a Professional Florist

Flowers are such beautiful gifts from nature. They can sprout and bloom just about anywhere, with just the right kind of soil, and amount of sun and rain. As natural as it may be, however, this does not mean that it does not need any more care. Especially when it is grown in a controlled environment, it becomes so much more crucial that proper techniques and methods are applied so that its beauty and quality last long.

This becomes even more imperative when the flowers become the focal point of a business enterprise. For a long time now, since the early history, flowers have been relied upon to serve as gifts, replacing poetic flow of words with beautifully arranged bouquets of flowers. The aesthetics of flowers have always been renowned to be a precious commodity that both shopkeepers and consumers are only too glad to partake in. Even if you’re just an admirer of flowers and just love having them around you, it will be to your advantage to know what the best way is to care for them so that you can enjoy its beauty and fragrance even more.

Let a Professional Florist Prepare a Stunning Gift for You to Give

Size Them Up

Flowers are great centrepieces because they can be arranged with such humble simplicity or with extra flair and drama. The kind of flower that you pick out is going to be a crucial component to this, of course. If you’d like to make good use of space without buying a lot of flowers per se, it is advisable that you get big flowers. The reason is that their blooms stretch out the largest, so their arrangement wouldn’t require too many fillers. This is actually very budget-friendly too, so if you’re trying to cut back on cost without sacrificing quality, this ought to be a good purchase option for you.

Sunflowers and mums, for example, are flowers that can attract attention with their size. Lilies, hibiscus, and dahlia, are also great examples of big blooms that should be perfect for your centrepiece.

If your preference for flowers does not really constitute a large bloom, then simply be prepared to buy more flowers so you can fill up the vase.

Choosing Colors

Flowers come in many different, beautiful colors such that it can become overwhelming to choose from if you aren’t decided yet what to get. You can spare yourself the time and the effort, though, by deciding on them beforehand.

One of the best ways to decide on the color is to base it on the occasion. Flowers can come to mean many different things as well, depending on what the occasion is. Red, for example, can mean passion and romantic love, but also courage, respect, and admiration. Blue is said to express openness and serenity, while pink conveys happiness, gentleness, and again, love.

White, which is a staple in bridal bouquets, means innocence and purity. Used in funerals, however, this same color can express sympathy or bereavement. For those who may have aggrieved or offended someone, and would now like to extend an olive branch, white flowers should do, as it can also signify humility and peace.

There are many other meanings of colors for flowers, such as yellow for happiness, lavender for youth, grace, and refinement, purple for tradition, green for hope, and many more. The point is that there are plenty of options you can take when deciding on which particular flower to get. The key is in having a clear aesthetic vision so you can have a great selection of flowers arranged by your trusted florist.

Curate Your Options

Don’t be derailed with your intention of buying flowers at the shop because you can’t help but admire everything before you. Even with the color guidance, it can still be difficult to pick out a flower, especially if you have no idea what the recipient prefers. A good tip to heed is for you to pick three colors at most. These colors should be able to blend and complement each other, and will essentially act as your color base.

For example, red, pink, and white are very popular for Valentine’s Day. Red, green, and white, meanwhile, are perfect for wintry seasons like Christmas. You can play around a lot more with bright colors during summer and spring, but yellow, purple, and orange are always sweet reminders of the sunny season.

From among these three colors, pick out the flower that will represent the focal point. If you don’t want to rely too much on fillers, then get a flower that has a wide bloom. That way, it can easily fill up the vase or the bouquet without costing you too much. In any case, you won’t have to worry about it anyway because a trusted professional florist like River Oaks Plant House can take care of this arrangement for you.

You will, however, have to inform them at the very least what the flowers are for, if they’re going to be as a personal gift or if it’s for something for a more formal purpose, like a centerpiece at a wedding banquet. This information is important so the florists can style and arrange your bouquet accordingly.

Preserve Their Quality

Whether you had flowers arranged for your own pleasure or as a gift to somebody else, it’s also a great idea to know how you can keep them looking fresh for a long time. If you get flowers with water tubes, it’s ideal to replace the water and re-cut the stem every two to three days.  To do this, you must first submerge the flower stems in 3” of tepid water before cutting the stem. Note that you must cut about an inch or two at a sharp angle, so that the water is absorbed more efficiently by the stem. If you notice the flower wilting faster than it should, even with flower food, it’s a sure sign that the flower is not getting the nutrients it needs.

Flowers that are in containers or baskets, meanwhile, usually have floral foam underneath to support the flowers. Water this everyday so that the flowers keep looking fresh. Add the water carefully so that you don’t end up overdoing it, and thus, drowning the flower.

Giving and receiving flowers is indeed such a gift. Make the best out of the opportunity of being able to enjoy good quality flowers for longer by trusting only reputable and professional services.