The Value of Using Flower Delivery Services for Special Occasions

Flowers can express a wide range of emotions even without words. Just by their color, scent, bouquet arrangement, and surprise flower delivery, you can already put a smile on somebody’s face. They can also be used to send thanks, congratulations, or even commiserations. The best part is that it’s a failsafe type of gift that anybody would be glad to receive, regardless of the kind of relationship that you have with them.

Indeed, delicate as flowers may be on their own, they can come to mean some very strong words and emotions, even if they may not be expressed verbally. If you’re not a fan of flowers and their value in the economy of expressing feelings, you might want to start now, especially if your special someone is a big fan.

Why You Should Entrust a Flower Delivery Service with Your Message

Flowers for Everyday     

Flowers don’t just reflect moods, they can also set it. A vase filled with a bright-colored bunch can lighten a mood even in an otherwise dreary-looking room. Reception areas for offices can look welcoming and less intimidating with their presence, too. Front desks for stores and shops can have a bit more appeal, while common areas like family rooms, conference rooms, and others also could benefit from their refreshing appearance.

With a wide variety of flowers available for display, there should be no shortage of good vibes to spread all around. Key to this, of course, is knowing the right type of flower to send for a particular event or purpose.

Roses, for example, are sweet and are always a good choice to set a romantic feel to the room. Even if there’s no special occasion, however, they still remain to be a very popular choice because of their natural beauty and easy accessibility. Meanwhile, mums, peonies, and even succulents, are versatile and easily arranged in a mixed and matched bouquet with other flowers, making for a nice, colourful variety.

Flowers for Special Occasions

Did you know that there is a corresponding flower for every birth month? January, for example, is represented with carnation, while February is violet. March is for daffodil, April for Daisy, May for Lily, and June for Rose. Meanwhile, July gets the unique Larkspur, August with the Galdiolus, September for Aster, October for Marigold, November for Chrysanthemum, and finally, December for Poinsettia.

That’s already the entire calendar right there. If you want to add other varieties to the mix, apart from the celebrator’s birthday month flower, you can throw in their own personal fave as well. That way, it’s going to be a truly personalized gift that they can appreciate.

Not all occasions are necessarily happy. Flowers are also commonly sent to express messages of condolences and commiserations, as well as tributes to people who have passed. Among the most popular types of flower sent for this occasion are roses, lilies, and chrysanthemums.

On to brighter prospects, you can send well wishes to someone who is in the process of healing with flowers, too. Just take note to not get anything that’s too fragrant because it could irritate their sense of smell, or it could possibly trigger a headache or even dizziness. In this case, tulips, iris arrangements, and gladioli are most suited for your hospital visits. If the patient is already on the way to recovery in the comforts of their own home, marigolds are a good symbol for resilience.

Another occasion that’s considered special—so special, in fact, that it’s the one day that absolutely sells out flower sales (yes, even more than Valentine’s)—is Mother’s Day. Of course, anyone who has mothers (which everyone does), and would like to send gratitude to them are going to be trooping down to flower shops to get them beautiful bouquets befitting the most beautiful woman in their lives. For mom, you’d want to get carnations (red for admiration, pink for gratitude and love), and gerbera daisies for cheerfulness.

What Colors Can Mean

Speaking of colors, flowers come in many different types. If you’re really particular about sending the right message, especially if the recipient is someone who is too, then it would be to your advantage to get this particular matter right.

The most striking among the colors is red—it’s bold, passionate, and simply elegant and beautiful. It also denotes courage, respect, and of course, romantic love. Indeed, nothing says a sweet, romantic “I love you” stronger than a single red rose does.

White, meanwhile, symbolizes innocence, silence, purity, and, more specifically, happy love for white is usually used in weddings. It can also give reference to heaven, or of salvation and rebirth. If you simply want to express sincere gratitude and thanks, peach is the flower to choose. Orange, meanwhile, can embody fascination, enthusiasm, or even desire, which is also symbolized by coral.

Plain yellow can pertain to gladness, joy, delight, friendship, new beginnings, and even hope, but at the same time, can also mean jealousy. A yellow flower with a red tip, on the other hand, can mean friendship as well as falling in love.

Why Choose Delivery Service?

Whatever your reasons are for sending out flowers to whoever you may think deserves it, know that you can do so with utmost convenience. There are reputable flower delivery shops like River Oaks Plant House that offer you a wide variety of options for whatever flower for any occasion. They can also do the arrangement for you so that the recipient will get it with style.

The biggest come on of getting a professional service for all your bouquet and flower needs is that they can send the flowers over and arrive in a timely manner, even if you can’t be physically there for the occasion too. While it can no way substitute for your own presence, at the very least, it is a reassurance that you did not forget about the event and that you still went out of your way to commemorate or celebrate the occasion.

Your loved ones deserve the pampering and the attention especially on their special day. You don’t have to miss it just because you don’t have the time for it. Rely on a trusted professional flower delivery service to take care of the surprise in your behalf. With this guide above, you can pick out the right choices, get them arranged beautifully, and make a lasting impression on somebody’s day, and maybe even life.