Rose Color Meanings: Choosing the Perfect Type for Every Occasion

red rose with a ring for proposal

Rose is arguably the most adored and sought-after flower in the world, thanks to its unparalleled, hypnotic beauty and fragrance. With over 100 species, there is barely any special occasion where rose wouldn’t fit as a gift or decoration. You can have it on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and even in interments. It is present in every single flower shop you will find in Houston.

But did you know that you can’t just give or use any type of rose you want for every occasion? That’s because each type or color represents a certain value or meaning. You don’t want to give a rose that conveys sympathy to someone celebrating their birthday or one that means congratulations to a grieving family. Here are top rose colors and their meanings to guide you in giving roses as a present or using it for decoration.


Red for Romance

Unmistakably, red rose symbolizes love, longing, and desire. This is the perfect bloom to give your spouse or partner on Valentine’s Day or on your anniversary. It also conveys heartfelt regret or sorrow, so it makes a great peace offering to your sulking significant other. And it’s not just the color red that conveys the message of affection. Even the number of pieces could mean something, too. For instance, a single rose is given to someone you’ve fallen in love with at first sight, four pieces when you mean “nothing will come between us”, or twelve pieces when you want to propose and ask “would you be mine forever?”.

Pink for Gratitude

Has someone done something special for you recently? Well, instead of just dropping by to say thanks, why not take it up a notch and give a bouquet of pink roses at the same time? Pink roses are associated with gratitude and appreciation. Whether it’s a neighbor or an officemate you want to appreciate, this could be the perfect choice. Familiarizing yourself with rose color meanings indeed helps identify the most appropriate type to give a special someone.

Yellow for Friendship and Good Health

Most people are reluctant to give roses to a friend because they don’t want their gesture to be misconstrued as romantic. In truth, if they choose the color right, everything will be fine. The perfect type of rose to give a friend you want to thank for being always by your side or to wish well after a surgery or treatment is yellow rose. Yellow has always been associated with friendship, joy, and good health.

White for Marriage

While there’s a wide range of wedding motifs you can choose from, you will notice that practically all of them includes “white,” and there’s a good reason for that. White represents spirituality and new starts, which is the perfect message to a would-be couple. What better way to convey such message than including white roses in your wedding’s grand design. 

Orange for an Unconfessed Love

It’s very common to see couples that started out as simple, unassuming friends. If you think you are at the verge of falling in love with your best friend or someone you’ve been seeing for so long, orange flowers can help you confess your feelings. You don’t want to come on too strong and give red roses right away. Orange roses could make a great introduction to your feelings.

If you ever need help in finding the most suitable roses for every occasion, don’t hesitate to consult with a florist. One of the leading florists in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House, can help you out. They can give you the most effective advice on roses and other flowers that can help you make an educated decision.


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