Helpful Flower Shopping Tips from Your Trusted Professional Florist

Is a special occasion coming up soon but you have no idea what to give your special someone yet? Are you looking to upgrade the aesthetic of your space but are at a loss how to go about it? What these things have in common is a simple but very possible solution: arranged flowers.

The presence of flowers can liven up any room, no matter how small or dreary it may be. Its bright colors and aromatic fragrance also add to its enticing appeal. This is why it’s an easy go-to solution for any occasion or design improvement needs. Before you set off to buy flowers and get them arranged, here are some helpful tips from professional florists that you may want to keep in mind so you can make a better purchase decision once you get to the store.

A Reliable Florist Can Help You Find the Right Flowers for Your Gift

Time Your Purchase

If you want the freshest of flowers, buy them early on in the week. The first business day is usually the day when the fresh haul is dropped at the shops. Then again, for as long as the flowers are kept fresh and properly taken care of, it shouldn’t matter which day of the week you visit. This should be the case if you have a professional florist that you can trust with their skills in handling flowers.

Choose the Flower and Color

You think that picking out flowers is just a matter of having an eye for what would look good, or perhaps what the recipient would prefer. While those are actually valid points of consideration when buying flowers, you also have to be very careful with your choice, especially if you have a particular message you would like to impart.

Different flowers have different meanings, and most of the time, their color has a lot to do with it. Red is for passion, white is for peace and innocence, purple is for royalty and elegance, yellow is for friendship, and so on and so forth. If you’re trying to make a pointed message to your recipient, best make sure that you’re saying it with the right color, otherwise you might miss out on a great opportunity to express what you couldn’t put into words.

Consider the Arrangement

Flowers can be delivered in different ways, such as in a bouquet, in a basket, or in a box. Those arranged in a bouquet will usually have water tubes attached to their stems, while those arranged in baskets or boxes will have floral foams.

To make sure the flowers last long, you need to water them regularly. For those with water tubes, re-cut the stems at a sharp angle (about 2 to 3 inches from the end) while soaked in lukewarm water. Then replace the water in the tube as well so the flowers can get fresh nutrients. As for the water foams, you should wet it every other day too, or if it feels dry.

Also, you may think that flowers love sunlight, but putting them in direct contact may actually be harmful for them. If you’re planning on putting a vase of flowers by the window, at least put up a thin curtain for shade.

These tips may be basic and simple, but you’d be surprised at how often they are actually overlooked. Don’t hesitate to rely on trustworthy and experienced florists like those from River Oaks Plant House in case you have any more questions about how to best take care of flowers.