Preparing Your Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet and Other Floral Items for Your Wedding

Preparing Your Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet and Other Floral Items for Your Wedding - image Fresh-Wedding-Flowers-from-a-Florist-in-Houston-Are-Simply-the-Best on

Flowers are among the first things you should worry about when planning your wedding. With so many weddings scheduled for 2019 in Houston, booking a florist may not come easy. Booking early allows you to secure the exact types of flowers you want for your wedding. Flower shops encourage reservation because it gives them enough leeway to prepare the flowers, especially if they need to import or if the ordered flowers are seasonal.

When choosing flowers for your wedding, the first step is to decide whether you want a minimalistic or a lavish celebration. Depending on your choice, you have to identify the elements in the ceremony where flowers might be needed. If you want a simple wedding, you can limit the use of flowers on boutonnieres and centerpieces. But if you want a splendid one, after all it can be the most cherished moment of your life, going all out is the way to do it. You are free to use flowers on every symbolic item.

A wedding consists of three aspects where flowers can be of great importance—who gets to wear or carry flowers during the ceremony, decoration for the ceremonial venue, and decoration for the reception venue. The flowers needed for each of these aspects may be based on a single motif but there are many variations in grouping and arrangement that make choosing and ordering flowers from a flower shop rather complicated. Here’s a checklist to help you see the big picture and hopefully make sound choices.

Who Gets to Wear and Carry Flowers

Before you start picking names from the guest list, you should think about yourself first. What flowers should go with your dress and how many? You can hire a wedding designer to help you with that. For the most part, you can opt to have a floral crown or hair flowers that match your gown. You’ll have to carry a wedding flowers bridal bouquet, too.

Next, the bridesmaids. Each of your bridesmaids will carry a bouquet, but theirs would be different from yours, perhaps a little less stylish to set you apart. Of course, you also need a tossing bouquet, although that’s for later during the reception. The flower girls each has to have their own bouquets, too, but a basket of flowers matched with a floral crown or a pomander is a much more fabulous choice.

After identifying all bouquet carriers and assigning a design for each type, start choosing the perfect boutonniere and corsage design for the rest of the major guests. A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn on the lapel of a tuxedo or suit jacket during a special occasion. Meanwhile, a corsage has a similar function and structure as a boutonniere except it is usually worn by female guests, including your mother and grandmother.

Regardless of the motif of your wedding, it’s only appropriate for all persons with key roles in your life and in the wedding, from the groom and groomsmen to the ring bearers and officiant, to wear either a boutonniere or a corsage. Even the ushers among other guests would look well with a boutonniere. These are, by far, the key-players in a wedding that have to wear or carry flowers during the ceremony.

Flowers for the Ceremony

To make the wedding even more special, the venue for the ceremony must be filled with flowers. Whether you want to wed in a church or in your own garden, there are some floral elements that you can’t afford not to omit. First, the flowers on the altar or chuppah must be distinctive. These may consist of table vases and cascades as well as unity candle arrangements and garlands.

The entryway or welcome table must have its own floral decorations as well to give the guests a warm and charming welcome. When it comes to the pew and chair, make sure to have flower arrangements at both ends of each row, although you should concentrate on the center aisle where the procession will take place. You also have to prepare sufficient amount of tossing petals for guests.

Flowers for the Wedding Reception Venue

After the ceremony, everyone goes to the reception hall to celebrate the completion of the wedding. The venue has to look as majestic as the ceremonial venue itself. Most wedding planners suggest would-be couples to reuse flowers from the ceremonial venue to save money, and many agree on this. But some, particularly those who want their reception flowers fresh, make a separate order.

There are numerous benefits to reusing flowers for the reception. First, you don’t have to worry about kids trying to pick or play with the flower decoration while taking your vows. Second, there’s no need to rush the flowers to the reception and keep the guests waiting until you’re done prepping the venue. And third, most ceremony flowers may look different from what are needed in the reception venue so you might not be able to salvage everything.

Generally, you will need centerpieces for all the tables. Depending on your budget and preference, you may put up flower arrangement on the cocktail table, at the bar, and on the escort-card table. You may also decorate the bride’s and groom’s chairs with flowers to make them look more exclusive. Of course, the wedding celebration won’t be complete without a well-adorned getaway vehicle for the newly wed. That should be decorated with flowers as well.

Want to know where to buy wedding bouquets and flowers for decoration? Well, you can let your wedding planner take care of that as long as you will be the one to choose. Top wedding planners buy wedding flowers from the leading flower shops in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House. They know that these flower shops not only have a huge selection of flowers but they are also capable of supplying for big events like weddings.



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