How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers and Arrangements to Make Your Big Day Extra Special

bridesmaids and wedding flowers

You’ve been planning your wedding for months. There’s no way you will let anything or anyone screw it up, not even yourself for being in the dark about how a wedding should go. You have to educate yourself by poring over magazines and scouring the Internet for the best tips months before the planning phase even kicks off. Especially when choosing flowers, you don’t want to make even the slightest mistake that you can ruin your entire plan and you will regret for the rest of your married life. Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding flowers to avoid all that.


Hire a Florist

This should actually go without saying, but let me put it here because many would-be couples still think they don’t need a florist. Unless you are a florist in Houston florist yourself, it’s hard to imagine that you can pull off your wedding without professional assistance with your wedding floral arrangements. A florist knows what flowers are suitable for each of the multitudes of motifs available as well as where to get them and whether or not they are in season on the day of your wedding.

Be Open-Minded

Most brides-to-be have a dream wedding and in it are very specific elements, particularly the types and colors of flowers they want. They’ve had this dream for so long and they have no plan to change it anytime soon. The problem is that when it comes to flowers, not all dreams come true. What if your desired flowers happen to be not naturally available on the month of your wedding or are impossible to grow in the country so they have to be imported? If you are not open to other wedding flower tips and options, you’ll end up moving your wedding to a much later date until or spending more than what you’ve saved up for this occasion.

Go beyond Tradition

We are in the 21st century. Gone are the days when wedding motifs were limited to one or two colors. We are in an era of innovation where even wedding designs are evolving. Don’t be afraid to add more colors to your flowers. Ask your florist about undertones and contrasts. They surely have tons of ideas they want to put on the coffee table for you to consider, so listen to them because like you, they want your wedding to be one of a kind.

Make Your Flowers Do Double Duty

While you want your wedding to be perfect, surely you’d take any opportunity to save at least a little for your honeymoon. One way to save on your wedding is by reusing your wedding flowers for the reception. This may seem a bit uptight but it’s actually commonplace. Many, even the well-to-do ones, have done it. And it’s not just for cost cutting but it’s also to make sure you will maintain the same atmosphere all throughout the celebration.

Book Early

Some wedding planners advise otherwise because they anticipate major changes in their client’s decision as the plan progresses. However, if you think about it, booking a florist early also allows you to have access to more choices. You can also make reservations for top-quality flowers, which may no long be available if you wait for a couple more months before finally booking.

No dream wedding is far-fetched. You just have to make sure to get help from the right people to be able to pull it off. A florist from a trusted flower shop in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House, can definitely help you choose wedding flowers that can make your big day extra special. 


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