Maximize Flower Delivery Service by Knowing the Right Blooms to Choose

Having flowers in a room is one of the easiest ways to liven things up. Their bright colors and pretty appearance can elevate the mood and turn the ambiance into a more pleasant one. Beyond aesthetic prettification of a room, flowers can do so much more, such as convey and express sincere emotions.

The great thing about them too is that they are easily available, especially with good flower delivery services and shops around. No matter the occasion, there’s a flower that can match your emotion and share it with the person you would like to communicate with. Here are some helpful tips on how you can make the most out these flower services so you can brighten up somebody else’s day.

Different Kinds of Flowers for Different Occasions for Maximum Effect

Choose the Right Flower

They all look gorgeous in their own right, but not all flowers say the same thing. If you’re looking to surprise someone with a sincere and heartfelt message that you would otherwise find difficult to express verbally, sending flowers is a great way to do it.

Although any flower would be a welcome gift, it still would be much better if you pay attention to the kind of flower you give. See, there are many different kinds of flowers, with various colors, and they all mean different things. It’s better if you have an idea of what their proper context truly is about so you can better express your sincere feelings.

Hydrangea – Speaking of sincerity, hydrangeas are the flowers you seek if you’re looking to express heartfelt emotions. This is a great gift for instances when you would like to express thanks, because this is a symbol of gratitude.

Orchid – This delicate flower looks dainty and fragile, a true symbol of femininity. It also represents thoughtfulness, as well as maturity and refinement. There is a particular method of care for orchids, which must be followed strictly on account of how delicate they really are. Because of this, orchids as gifts show an acknowledgment of one’s ability to keep organized and on top of more serious responsibilities.

Dahlia – Like the orchids, dahlias are also known to be associated with femininity. More specifically, it portrays grace under pressure. If anyone is facing a particularly challenging situation, therefore, dahlias can serve as a great gift as a pick-me-upper. It’s a great form of encouragement for one to draw upon their inner strength so that they may overcome whatever hurdles are in their way. Romantically, dahlias signify long-lasting bond and commitment between two people.

Calla Lily – Calla Lilies are eye-catching because of their graceful stature and height. Their pristine beauty and white magnificence make it a perfect symbolism for innocence and purity. If you’d like to add a touch of simple sophistication and elegance to a room, calla lilies are a great choice. The way their bloom opens outwards and leads the line of sight into its funnel also makes it a great focal point for bouquets, such as for weddings.

Lilac – Lilac in general means humility and innocence, but specifically, a purple lilac symbolizes first love. The violet shade, meanwhile, stands for spirituality, while blue brings happiness and tranquillity. Take note of the many different meanings as per their color so you can send it with the correct intention.

Iris – If someone is facing a task or challenge that requires speaking before an audience, a bouquet of iris makes for a relevant gesture of encouragement. After all, iris means eloquence in general. The blue variant stands for hope and faith, and yellow means passion. Purple gives compliments, but could also mean wisdom, and white equals purity.

Daffodils – They are perfect for those undergoing a new beginning, or are facing a transition in their lives. Traditionally, they mean chivalry and kind regard towards another person, too. Take note of how many daffodils you give, however, because while a bunch of them express joy and happiness, a lone stem indicates misfortune.

Sunflowers – This joyous flower looking up to the sun is often regarded as a symbol for happiness, brightening up the day much like its namesake—the sun—does. Officially, however, sunflower means adoration and dedication. If you send this to someone special to you, therefore, you are offering them dedicated love.

Tulips – Speaking of love, tulips are great for expressing the “perfect love.” It also stands for fame, so if you’re attending a show or performance, or would simply like to leave a sweet gesture in the dressing room, tulips are a great way to do it.

Roses – No discussion about flowers is complete without the presence of the quintessential rose. This beautiful flower comes in various colors, which all stand for a specific meaning all on their own. The classic red means love, light pink means grace, orange means fascination, and cream means thoughtfulness and charm.

Interestingly enough, there are also roses that, though brightly colored, come to take on a more sobering meaning. While the other flowers on this list are regarded as a symbol for innocence and purity, for example, white roses point to “a heart unacquainted with love.” Yellow roses meanwhile symbolize infidelity, so needless to say, your partner would not appreciate all too much if you send them these.

Curate and Arrange

You can, of course, mix and match flowers to fit in a single bouquet. That is one of the biggest advantages of working with them; they are perfect as gifts either on their own or grouped together along with other flowers. You can choose flowers and arrange them according to their meanings, for example. Your professional flower shop can help you take care of this part of the flower shopping process. They would have a keen eye for detail and the skill for putting the flowers together for maximum aesthetic effect.

Preserve Flowers for Longer

Flowers are nice to have, and it would be nicer if you can enjoy them for much longer. As an important tip, make sure that the flowers are kept out of direct sunlight, as well as from fans or air conditioners. Also, while you think putting flowers and fruits together are great to achieve that rustic appeal, it’s better off that you don’t. This is because of the ethylene gas released by the fruits. These can prove harmful to the flowers, thus affecting their quality and longevity.

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