Florist Shares Five Tips to Help Keep Your Bouquet Blooming Longer

Whether you received them from a loved one or you purchased them for yourself, there is no question that fresh flowers can easily make your home brighter and more cheerful. As such, it’s only natural that you would want to keep your flowers looking as fresh for as long as possible. Unfortunately, this can be a little difficult since cut flowers are more susceptible to wilting.

There are many tricks that experienced florists in Houston, such as River Oaks Plant House, have up their sleeves to help keep flowers fresh. The best part is that you can do many of these steps at home. With that in mind, try following these pro tips to keep your flowers fresh:

Cut the Stems Again

Upon arriving at home, make sure that you cut about half an inch off of the bottom of the stems before placing the flowers into a vase of clean water. This is because exposing the cut stem to air will often create air pockets inside that block the stems ability to take in water and nutrients. Cut off a small portion and submerge the flowers immediately after. You may repeat this step if you find that the bottom of the stem is no longer in good condition after a few days.

Clean out the Vase Thoroughly

Before you place your flowers inside, make sure you thoroughly clean out the vase. This is especially important if the vase was holding another set of flowers. Dirty vases can pollute the water and facilitate bacterial growth. Bacteria can then enter your flowers and decompose them from the inside out. Wash the vase with warm, soapy water to make sure the vase is cleaned thoroughly.

Place Flowers in a Cooler Part of the House

It is no secret that blooming flowers wilt easily in the heat. That effect is amplified one the flowers have been cut, which is why many florists place cut flowers inside refrigerators. Study the temperatures in each room of your home and try to keep the flowers in the coolest part of the room. Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight and objects that generate heat (computers, televisions, etc.) for the best results.

Keep the Water Clean

As mentioned earlier, bacteria growing in the water is something you want to avoid. Fortunately, there are several ways you can inhibit the growth of bacteria using items you are likely to have lying around at home. Try adding three or four drops of vodka or any other clear spirit and a cube of sugar to the water. The alcohol content will act as an antibacterial solution. Other options you can try include crushed aspirin, apple cider vinegar, and even pennies.

Replace the Water

Take note that the water you use will eventually become stagnant and dirty over the course of a few days, even after you add something to inhibit bacterial growth. Additionally, any nutrients you added to the water will have been used up. With these two facts in mind, make sure you remove the water in the vase every two or three days. Naturally, you’ll want to mix in the antibacterial and some sugar into the fresh water before placing it inside the vase.