Let Professional Flower Shops Prepare Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Weddings are one of those occasions that should not be left up to chance. The reality is that planning a wedding can be really very stressful. There are so many little but highly crucial details that must be factored in, such as the rings, the bride’s dress and accessories, the entourage, and of course, the venue. After all, it’s not just the attendees that will have to play the part, but also the venue where the “I Do’s” will be said and the festivities will occur after the ceremony.

For this task, it is advisable that you seek the help of professional flower shops so they can take care of the design requirements, particularly with flower arrangements. You’d want to make the right choice, after all, because these arrangements will be there in every picture taken during the event, as the bride walks down the aisle, and even as they enjoy the reception.

Set a Budget

The first thing you should do is to set how much you are willing to spend for flowers. Keep in mind that the amount of flowers to be used for decoration will also be dependent on the size of the venue, as well as how much of it will be decorated. The kind of flowers that will be used, and where they will be coming from, can also affect the overall cost.

It would be nice if cost is no object, but it would also be much more economical if you can have flowers that are reusable in both venues. Also, it’s not just the decorative arrangements you’ll need to take care of, but also the bridal bouquet—and this should be that one arrangement that should matter above all else. You want to make your choices reasonable, and setting a budget can help you do just that.

Check the Season

Some flowers you’d like to have for your wedding may not be available on the date because they are not in season. To avoid becoming disappointed, it’s highly recommended that you run through your ideal flower arrangements with a trusted flower shop. With their guidance, you should be able to determine if the flower that you want is actually going to be accessible for use on your big day.

Of course, in the event that they are not in season but you insist on it anyway, you can always have them imported from someplace else, but do expect that this will most likely blow your budget.

Pick a Theme

Your wedding is likely to have a theme, so best align your flower arrangements’ aesthetics with it. Some couples would choose a location-inspired theme for their event, while others would base it on a color scheme. If you want to be consistent all throughout, from ceremony to reception, pick a palette that could be versatile enough to be mixed and matched.

Work with a Dedicated Team

To simplify your life, just work with one dedicated flower team, such as those from River Oaks Plant House, to take care of all your floral needs. From the bridal bouquet to the displays at the ceremony venue, to the reception, and down to the centrepieces, it’s best that you just source them all from one place. This way, you’ll only be coordinating with one entity.

If you’re placing a lot of orders, then obviously what you need to be most mindful of, apart from the budget, is the timing. Give them enough leeway and head start to work on the deliverables. Just like how you’d want to be on your wedding day, you want your decorative flowers looking fresh and happy, not rushed and stressed.


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