Flower Shops in Houston Share 4 Tips on How to Care for Tropical Flowers

fresh tulips and roses in a ceramic vase

Many people love the exotic simply because it’s so different from what we are normally used to seeing. This is one of the reasons why tropical flowers are a common request flower shops in Houston receive every now and then. After all, receiving a lush birds of paradise can deliver a huge impact on someone who has become accustomed to receiving roses year in and year out.

If you’ve just received a stunning bouquet of tropical flowers from your significant other, it’s only natural to want to preserve these beautiful exotic flowers. However, take note that these flowers are now found in a different environment than what they are used to. Despite being quite warm, Houston can hardly be called a “tropical city”. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to care for tropical flowers:

Unpack the Bouquet ASAP

It goes without saying that most flowers won’t last very long without water. This goes double for tropical flowers, which are used to receiving plenty of water. Unpack your bouquet as soon as possible, especially if they were delivered to your home. You’ll want to get them in a vase with fresh water as quickly as you can. If they were delivered to your office, it’s best to avoid putting them in the refrigerator as the cool temperature will shorten the lifespan of the flowers.

Prep the Flowers and a Vase

As you prepare the flowers for transfer to a vase, make sure that you remove extra foliage that may be growing on each individual stem. It is especially important to remove dead petals and leaves. You’ll also want to make sure to remove any foliage that will be submerged under the water inside the vase.

Feel free to use any vase you’d like, but make sure you use clean water from your kitchen sink to fill the vase. Once you’ve filled up the vase, pour the flower food packet into the water. If your bouquet did not come with flower food, you can easily pick some up from a trusted local florist in Houston like River Oaks Plant House.

Find the Right Environment

Tropical countries are best known for their sunny and humid environments, so make sure you find a suitable room in your home for your new tropical flowers. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a room that gets a lot of sun. This is a tropical flower care thumb rule you should never forget. If your home has a sun room, then that would be the best place to display your tropical flowers. Otherwise, the island on your kitchen would be another good option. Take note, however, that it isn’t advised to place the flowers under direct sunlight.

Mist the Flowers Every Day

One of the more remarkable features of tropical flowers is their ability to absorb water from the air. This is why they thrive in humid environments. Although you may find it tough or uncomfortable to raise the humidity inside your home, you can help your flowers out by misting them each morning. This way, the leaves are able to absorb water on a daily basis.


Taking Care of Tropical Flowers

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