3 Mistakes Your Wedding Florist in Houston Urges You to Avoid When Choosing Flowers

3 Mistakes Your Wedding Florist in Houston Urges You to Avoid When Choosing Flowers - image img3-1-1 on https://www.riveroaksplanthouse.comYour upcoming wedding is perhaps the biggest and most unforgettable event in your life. You wouldn’t want to ruin it by making bad choices when it comes to the flowers you will use. While there are tons of information out there about the best types of flower to choose for your wedding, from bouquets and centerpieces to floral chandeliers, there’s still a fifty-fifty chance that you’ll pick flowers that don’t particularly work for the kind of occasion you have in mind.

Even though most weddings follow the same ceremony and practices, each comes with unique details that set it apart from others. These details are based on the would-be couple’s preferences. Your wedding wouldn’t be as special as you want it to be if it’s completely copied from something you saw on TV, right?

This is why you need to be extra careful when choosing flowers for the occasion. After all, with the amount of flowers you need to decorate the venue with, put on your guests, and wear with your dress, there’s no way the slightest incongruities can slip through the faultfinders’ eyes. Here are the most common mistakes you cannot afford to make.

Your Vision Is All Over the Place

Every successful wedding started from a clear and organized inspiration board. If the inspiration board you’ve come up with is a little too shambolic, your florist will have difficulty finding and preparing the right types and arrangements of flowers for your wedding. It would be best if your inspiration board follows a particular color pallet and style. That way, your florist can easily narrow down your flower choices to only the most appropriate for your preferred motif.

Thinking that You Won’t Change Your Mind

Your wedding florist in Houston gets it, you have ideas about your wedding that you’ve been holding on to for a long time and you don’t want to change any of that. Your florist doesn’t want to make any alterations as much as possible either. But every year, new styles and designs are being added to the list of choices and what you originally want may already be outdated. Be open to changes. Listen to your florist. They only want what’s best for your wedding.

Booking Too Early

While it’s true that you can get the best deals when you book a wedding planner early, it might not be a good idea when you start discussing flowers. Trends change all the time and supply depends on various factors, such as season, weather conditions, and demands, which are changing fast as were. What seems to work now may not work in the future. Making changes in your earlier plan on the last minute could prove disastrous to your occasion. Schedule for consultation just a few months before your actual wedding, when you’re no longer expecting a long idle period in between.

The outcome of your wedding plan depends on the decisions you will make now. Don’t expect it to be perfect; even the most successful weddings have flaws the couples and their wedding planners had to deal with. You just have to make the best decision every time you need to, especially when it comes to flowers. Knowing what to ask your wedding florist ahead of time can help you establish a great plan and eliminate as much risks as possible as you move along.




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