Same Day Flower Delivery Services and Other Tips for Gifting Flowers

Let Same Day Flower Delivery Services Help Send Your Message Across

No matter how cliché sending flowers may seem for other people, there’s still no denying the fact that receiving them, whether as a lone stem or a bouquet, can still elicit a lot of sweet feelings. There’s a reason why flowers are so timeless in appeal and that’s because the gesture behind getting flowers is widely considered positive and romantic.

Since you’re already out to make a loved one’s special day all the more special, why not make it a bit more extraordinary by giving some more thought to the kind of flowers you will be sending? There are, after all, different meanings and values hidden behind every colorful petal. Taking these into consideration can add a deeper layer to the message you want to send, which is going to be especially helpful if the person you are sending the flowers to are well-versed about this topic.

Here are some tips that can help you make your flower-sending all the more memorable to your special someone.

Matching the flower to the occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, congratulations, sweet nothings—these are just some of the most common occasions when people give flowers. Take note that although flowers may all look beautiful there are some that are best suited for certain occasions.

Oftentimes, people simply decide based on aesthetics. As long as the flowers look good, they should be good enough for gift-giving. However, this is not necessarily the case. For example, if you want to confess your love to someone, you should give them red roses, which indicate romance. You wouldn’t want to give them yellow ones, because these mean friendship.

Meanwhile, there are also flowers that may have double meanings, depending on whether the situation is a happy one or not. A hydrangea, for example, is reflective of deep, sincere emotions. It could also be an expression of gratitude for being given the opportunity to be understood. However, if the context is a negative one, a hydrangea’s meaning quickly turns to heartlessness and frigidity.

The iris is another flower that holds multiple meanings. In general, it means eloquence. Depending on the color presented, however, it could represent a variety of feelings: blue for faith and hope, yellow for passion, white for purity, and purple for wisdom.

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The ever famous rose carries a lot of different messages too, depending on the occasion. As mentioned earlier, a red rose means romantic love. However, just make sure that you are getting the right shade of red, because a dark crimson one already means mourning. Pink, meanwhile, stands for gentleness, happiness, and grace. A lavender rose is for those who would like to profess their love at first sight. Like the color yellow, coral rose means friendship, but could also be sympathy and modesty.

Of course, there are plenty of other meanings that abound in the world of flowers, depending on what type you would like to get. These examples above, however, clearly show how much fun it could be just setting up your flower gift for your special someone. It’s a language all on its own, and one that you could take time to learn to speak.

Floral Delivery

Once you’ve picked the flowers that you’ll be sending, the next thing to do is to actually get them and send them out. The first thing you have to do is to go to a trusted flower shop, such as River Oaks Flower Shop, so you can get the freshest picks.

Variety is also very important when planning out which flowers will make up the bunch or bouquet. Another advantage is that you can easily ask for a stunning floral arrangement; you can even give your input if there’s a specific and custom aesthetic you would like to achieve.

The most important thing is that you leave this in the hands of professionals so that you can send out the best flowers you possibly can give. It’s also ideal that you work with shops that offer online services so that in case you can’t be there personally to facilitate the transaction, it still wouldn’t be so difficult to do.

One of the biggest benefits of being able to easily access your flower shop is that you can immediately place an order. As much as you would rather not cram for your anniversary gift, for example, there simply are those days when you get so swamped there’s just no time to do anything else. You wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared for your loved one’s birthday or anniversary, though. Or perhaps you want to make amends but are uncertain yet if you will be welcome to drop by and give a personal apology.

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Same day floral delivery services can solve the problem for you. No matter how last minute you decide to send flowers over, you can rest assured that they will get to the recipient just in time and in good condition. It goes without saying, however, that ideally you should not be cramming this particular task. You don’t want to get rushed into buying flowers, because as mentioned above, you’d want to put some thought and care into sending the flowers so they can properly bear the message you actually want to express.

This is also perfect for those who know exactly when they want to send the flowers over. Customize not just the bouquet that you’re sending, but also the schedule when they should be received. This much attention to detail can turn out very impressive, and it only takes minimal effort from your end.

In case you have little to no skill when it comes to choosing flowers and their arrangements, however, simply ask for the “designer’s choice” when you place your order. This means that the florist will be the one to pick out the flowers and arrange them according to their own aesthetics. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to give your inputs or requests, if you do have any, so just make sure to clearly state them.

Again, this is why it’s crucial that you work with the right flower shop. The more reliable and credible they are, the more you can sit back and wait for the magic to happen.



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