Flowers for Men?—The Best Flower Shop in Houston, TX Knows What to Do

tulips for your male loved one or friendFlowers have always been associated with femininity. After all, like most women, flowers are deemed as delicate, frail and dainty. It’s hard to think of men having a special interest in flowers, except when they are looking to surprise their significant other with them. However, this view is slowly changing and becoming a thing of the past. As the society becomes more open-minded, flowers are finally finding their way into men’s hearts. This means you can now give flowers to men without feeling awkward. There are basic rules of flower etiquette for men, though, that you should keep in mind.

Not All Flowers Suit Men

Giving flowers to men is still well on its way to complete political correctness. This means you still have to be extra careful when choosing the types of flower you will give to a male friend or loved one. If you go to one of the most trusted flower shops in Houston, TX, you’ll be told to avoid flowers that are too feminine, i.e. soft and with many petals. Go for simpler and bulkier types, such as birds or paradise, white orchid, and peace lily. These flowers radiate a neutral feeling, which most men would view acceptable. They are the perfect flowers for men.

Pick the Right Color

What kind of flowers do you give a man? Well, you might want to factor shape and color in your decision. Men want flowers with strong shapes and bolder colors. Peach, pink, coral, and rose are definitely not on their list. It wouldn’t be appropriate to give a man a bouquet of pink roses, right? That would certainly be taken as some kind of insult or offense. Opt for vibrant colors instead, such as orange, blue, and yellow. These colors exude a feeling of strength, silence, and ruggedness, which are natural characteristics of men.

Not Too Many and Not One

Apart from being sensitive about color, some men are sensitive about the number of flowers given to them. They would certainly not appreciate a bouquet even if you used the appropriate flowers. That’s way too bulky and sophisticated, which doesn’t fit the male personality. Avoid giving just a single stem of flower, too, as this is often done by lovers. The last thing you want is for your decent intention to be misconstrued. 

Where to Put It

For the third time, keep away from bouquets. A better option would be a jar, a mug, a cup, or even a pot. You may even use a customized container with symbolisms of manhood, such as a car, a basketball, or a men’s watch. That would definitely make your present look manlier. If you are not sure how to properly prepare flowers for him, ask one of the best florists in Houston for advice.

Before even considering all of these tips in your decision to buy flowers for a male recipient, make sure that you know where to buy the best flowers first. In fact, you can head there right away and discuss with the florist what you need. Reputable flower shops like River Oaks Plant House will know exactly what you need and get it ready as quickly as possible.


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