The Best Flowers for Birthdays from Your Favorite Florist Flower Shop in Houston

Sought-After Flowers for Birthdays from a Local Florist Flower Shop

Birthday presents have come a long way since the day they were only exclusive for nobilities. Now, the privilege to be gifted on birthdays is shared by everyone regardless of social status, and the thought counts more than the gift’s cost. However, it pays to make extra efforts to turn a rather simple, boring gift for a loved one, friend, or colleague celebrating their birthday into something truly special.

Nothing expresses sincerity better than a bouquet or basket of fresh flowers from a time-honored florist flower shop in Houston like River Oaks Plant House. Flowers make a unique and heartwarming gift be it for the special young lady in your life or for your best buddy. Here are some of the types of flower that make the best birthday present.

1. Lilies

Celebrating birthday is celebrating life, an appreciation of the pleasure having the chance to exist and to meet the loving people we are surrounded with. When giving flowers as a birthday gift, it only makes sense to pick a type that radiates positivity and happiness, which makes lilies the ideal choice. Their vibrant colors and pointed petals convey a candid message of congratulations for finishing another year with great memories to keep.

2. Orchids

One fascinating thing about flowers, which makes them the ultimate gift for every occasion, is that they don’t need extra embellishments to stand out and be understood. The message they carry is exuded by their distinctive natural beauty. Orchids, for instance, have a simplicity to its appearance that almost clears the most clouded minds, and yet they are also esteemed for their elegance that only befits the royalty. So if you give orchids to someone for their birthday, it’s almost as if you are subtly but straightforwardly admiring their exquisiteness tenderly cloaked with their modesty.

3. Roses

Another popular choice for a birthday gift is rose. With countless varieties, there’s literally one type for each occasion, and it works all the time. You have to be careful, though, because roses are easy to construe as romantic. The last thing you want is for the birthday celebrant to mistake your effort for something it’s not. Learn about the proper etiquette in giving roses before contemplating on the idea of choosing them as a birthday gift. Yellow roses or an assortment of multi-colored roses are the ideal choice you’d want to give.

4. Sunflowers

No other flowers can brighten one’s day than sunflowers. Their cheerful, yellow petals are plain antidote to doom and gloom. A cute crock of sunflower is the perfect gift for someone in their low point while celebrating their birthday. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gentle pat on the shoulder and a tiny voice saying “you can do it” while receiving a lovely, vibrant present? Fill the room with optimism and hope with a full-grown sunflower that can fit any window sill and countertop in the home.

There’s a host of flowers you can try but be careful not to pick the ones that are associated with other meanings. To be sure, go to your local flower shop and ask the florist for advice. They are experts in flowers and have tons of suggestions for you. They may even have flower selections that you can choose from in case you don’t have the green thumb to prepare the gift by yourself. Ready-made flower arrangements are a welcome relief for anyone looking for last-minute birthday gifts that still come across as sincere.


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