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Flowers never fail to delight anyone who ever receives them. Whether at home, in the office, or out in the streets while going on nice walk for the day, being offered a fresh, lovely bouquet is a good way to feel appreciated.

The act of giving flowers as a gift may be viewed by other people as cliché and unimaginative, but actually, there is an art to it. Especially once you factor in the meanings behind the type and color of flower, you should have a much deeper appreciation for what the flowers are trying to express.

Meanings of Flowers

It’s common knowledge that flowers tend to have their own meanings. What isn’t so commonly known is what meanings are ascribed exactly to what kind of flower. It’s actually a very important piece of information that you should have, particularly if you have a special message you want to pointedly communicate.

Even one type of flower can have several meanings depending on its color. You’d be surprised at how big a difference a change in color shade could make. For example, a red rose communicates love, romance, and passion. Take it a shade deeper to crimson, however, and suddenly it communicates loss and mourning. One flower, a bit of a change in shade, but completely different meanings.

Here are some other examples of flowers with interesting and surprising meanings that might come in handy for you in case you need to send flowers to someone.


– They look pretty, feminine, and dainty, but you should know better than be fooled by its appearance. The white variant means sweet and lovely, and the pink means “I will never forget you”, but the yellow one indicates disdain for the recipient. Meanwhile, the two-toned carnation is a gentle turn-down, saying “I cannot be with you.”


– This flower is perfect for welcoming new beginnings, as this is what it literally means. It’s the perfect floral gift for anyone undergoing a transition or entering a new phase in their lives. A new home, a new job, or even welcoming a new member of a family are great examples of when it’s a great time to give daffodils.
Forget-Me-Not – At least flower actually says what it means. Forget-me-not means exactly that: remembrance by the one receiving the flower.


– This flower is actually named after the Greek mythology character Hyacinthus. As the story goes, he was accidentally killed by Apollo. The purple color of this flower thus means asking for an apology. Giving flowers is one of the most sincere ways to send apologies, so the next time you need to say sorry, keep the purple hyacinth in mind.


– Here’s another purple flower that you can give to your beloved. Its symbolism is as straightforward as it is sincere: it means devotion.


– This is another type of flower that you should be careful about randomly giving it. As pretty and sweet as these blooms look, it actually represents anger, particularly during the Victorian times. This meaning is not as well-known nowadays, but in the off-chance that your recipient is learned when it comes to flowers and their meanings, it’s best to be safe than sorry.


– Do you find red roses too much of a common offering to your beloved? Go for red tulips instead. It means the same thing, anyway: declaration of love.

White Jasmine

– Another option that you have to declare your love is through white jasmine. Its pristine white appearance makes it a nice, delicate addition to a bouquet, or a beautiful bunch on its own.

Yellow Roses

– There is some argument as to what this color of the rose actually means. A yellow rose is long known to mean jealousy or infidelity, although there are some who would rather look at the bright side of things, and attribute feelings joy to it. Just in case, make sure you put a card along with it.

Buying Flowers

Now that you’re better informed about what kind of flowers to buy and not to buy, depending on your intention, it’s now time for you to know where to buy flowers in Houston, or elsewhere. The good news is that there are trusted flower shops that you can turn to for your delivery needs. In fact, you can make things easier for you by simply going to an online flower delivery service.

There are many benefits you can enjoy using this option, foremost of which is the convenience. Admittedly, you don’t always have enough time to fulfill your daily errands, including buying flowers for a special occasion. In this case, having an accessible store online makes it so much easier for you to get what you need.

Sometimes, it’s not just the availability of time that is the problem, but physical distance. An online delivery store makes it possible for you to still send your sweet gestures to the recipient, regardless if you’re miles apart from each other. All you have to do is place an order with a flower delivery in downtown Houston, for example, so you can send flowers locally, even without you being actually there.

Seal of Freshness

Ordering from a credible and trusted shop, such as River Oaks Plant House, should let you rest assured that your recipient will be getting a fresh bouquet or basket as scheduled. The delivery will be made by professionals, and using the proper vehicle and equipment to make sure the flowers remain as fresh as possible. No longer will you have to worry about accidentally destroying the flowers, placing it haphazardly at the backseat of your car, getting it all torn up, or simply mishandling it.

Flower delivery stores are not just pros in taking care of flowers for sale, but also in delivering them wherever they need to go. That’s one other thing you won’t have to worry about.

The next time you need to send out flowers, whatever the occasion may be, consider using an online flower delivery service, especially if you do not have the time to do it. You may not be physically present in the purchase, but your message and sincere intentions will certainly get to where it should.



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