Try One of These Unique Topiary Ideas and Create a Majestic Garden

Topiary is the art of trimming and cutting foliage to create a unique and artistic design. With topiary, almost anything can be created as long as you have your imagination and a great team of landscapers, like those from River Oaks Plant House in Houston. There may be times, however, when even your imagination is on a brief break, so here are some creative and fresh ideas that you can try:

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  • Recreate Your Favorites – Are you an animal lover? You can try placing a life-size version of your favorite animal as a guardian to your beautiful garden. You can also try re-creating your favorite bands or actors; imagine a topiary version of the Beatles or Michael Jackson rocking out in your backyard. How about Batman or Iron Man for those superhero lovers out there. You can also go for the mystical nature route, by placing a plant fairy modeled after your wife or mom in the middle of your garden. Frankly, there are limitless options for this; any person, animal or figure can do.
  • Decorative Words – What words do you live by? A favorite quote (or perhaps your wedding vows?) can forever be inscribed in your garden, so that you may see it every time you wake up in the morning. That’s one way of being inspired.
  • Archways – Create an archway of greens with some flowers, from your porch to the center of your garden, to give it an “entering a new world vibe”. It’s also great for hosting a party, so your guests would feel like they’re walking on the red carpet. A simple but glamorous idea.
  • Geometric Shapes – By adding geometric shapes in your garden, you are giving it a more 3-D look. Some round balls and squares can look stunning when done by experts, such as River Oaks Plant House, and paired with the right blooms.
  • Spirals – You can try adding tall spiral topiary designs all over your garden, and then fill it up with lights. These will look like majestic lampposts at night, especially if you use different colored bulbs.
  • Wall Covers – If you have a garden shed in the middle of your yard, have the walls covered with a crisp topiary and make the structure blend with the rest of the foliage. You can even try covering some stairs with greens, and adding some pebbles to make it look like natural steps. This will require the right plant and garden, though, so be sure to consult your landscape architect on how you can achieve this.

The best tip to remember is to think outside the box. Make sure that your yard reflects your personality and style. After all, that is your personal piece of paradise.


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