How Topiaries can Add to the Appeal of Your Home’s Garden and Landscaping

Having a well-maintained garden is not just about having manicured landscaping. Most people tend to be very conservative when it comes to their lawns and gardens mostly because it can affect their property’s curb appeal.

However, it is for the same reason why you should allow your landscaping to be more expressive. If you expect people to see and judge your garden from outside, you might as well give them something good to look at.

Adding Topiaries

One great way to catch their attention is by adding topiaries. Essentially, these are shrubs or trees clipped and trimmed to take on different shapes and designs. From animals to geometrical shapes and patterns, topiaries are a great way to add both character and texture onto your property.

Tending your Gardens: Landscaping Improved by Adding Pretty Topiaries

Unlike other design elements in your garden or lawn, however, topiaries can be considered more of living sculptures, which means they will have to be trimmed and maintained continuously. Unless you have actual experience working with topiaries, it’s advisable to seek the help of professionals instead. The last thing you’d want to do is to ruin the shape of a topiary by trimming it the wrong way.

Settling on Design

If you want allow yourself some extra room for creativity, adding topiaries to your garden would be a great start. As a tip, however, you should make sure that the topiary you’re using will match the theme of your home’s interior. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but at least you can try to have some cohesion in terms of the aesthetic design of your property.

An important consideration here is the size of the topiary. Make sure that its scale is going to be proportionate to the size of your lawn or garden. Unless you deliberately want giant plant installations in front of your house, it’s best that you keep it well within appropriate height and scale.

You can also actually put topiaries inside your homes as well, if this is a theme that you would like to continue from outdoors. There are small, potted versions available, which you can either use as an accessory by the windows to add more foliage to the view, or even as dramatic centerpieces on your table.

Perhaps the biggest reason why topiaries are so appealing is that they make the foliage all the more refreshing to look at. Depending on how intricate the details are, it can also make for a good talking point when you have guests over. Seek the help of professionals first in the design, creation, and maintenance of topiaries for your garden. This way you can be assured of truly stunning pieces of living sculpture for your front yard.


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