Three Summer Trends You Can Pull Off with Flower Shops in Houston

With Memorial Day celebrated, summer is officially here – meaning you’ll have all the more reason to splurge at your favorite flower shops in Houston. It’s the season of parties, weddings, and any other old excuse to celebrate under the sun. And, when you’re playing host, what better way to put a flourish on festivities than by featuring summer blooms?

Home and garden experts around the country have started chiming in on what they see as this summer’s floral trends. Read on for a few tips on how you can truly spruce up the season.

“Grab-and-go” gardening

One trend that’s bound to be more popular this year is “grab-and-go” gardening. That’s what the L.A. Times calls the newest craze to buy ready-made flower baskets, then decorating or planting around it at home. This trend means you can be proud of displaying a stylish bouquet even if you didn’t pluck all the blooms from your very own garden. Just make sure you grab-and-get an arrangement from a Houston flower delivery service that offers baskets that truly reflect your style.

Flower Shop

Wonderland whimsy

Vogue has one very creative tip, specifically for wedding floral arrangements. Instead of just filling up your venue with floral centerpieces, why not also hang blooms from the ceiling? Artfully arranged upside down, exposed stems, leaves, and petals can make your venue seem like a summery wonderland. Of course, you and your florist don’t have to wait for a wedding to pull off this idea – any gathering involving a tent or covered patio would do.

Sight and scent

As the summer rolls on, it may not be enough to pick beautiful flowers. To make an impression on your guests, you’ll have to choose fragrant blossoms too.

Call your choice service for flower delivery in Houston, and ask them if they could supply you with peonies, agastache, lavender, heliotrope, petunias, or roses. All these can add both visual pop and perfume to a room.

Note that peonies and agastache bloom earlier in the summer, so you may have a smaller window for getting them into your floral arrangements. However, they’re perennials – so you won’t have so small a window for keeping them around, unlike with the annual heliotropes. Also, remember that some kinds of petunias and roses are more fragrant than others.

There are also many more varieties of fragrant plants and flowers. Again, ask noted flower shops in Houston about the best ones you can get.

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