The Clueless Guy’s Guide to Buying Bouquets: Tips from Your Florist

The Clueless Guy’s Guide to Buying Bouquets: Tips from Your Florist - image img2-1-1296x864 on https://www.riveroaksplanthouse.comSince time immemorial, men have given their significant others flowers as an expression of their affection. Despite this practice being centuries old, buying your significant other fresh flowers prepared by a florist is still one of the most romantic gestures you can do for the love of your life.

Unfortunately, not all men have a discerning eye for flowers. This can make it difficult—and sometimes, awkward—to walk into a flower shop and pick out a beautiful bouquet. If you anticipate finding yourself in this scenario, don’t panic. These tips are sure to help you buy the perfect bouquet:

Try to Recall What You’ve Already Given Her

If you’re the guy who is determined to give your girl flowers on a regular basis, then you should probably be aware that giving the exact same bouquet every single time can reduce the impact of receiving flowers. As such, it may be a good idea to keep a small note of what flowers you’ve given on your phone. This makes it easier to go out of your way and surprise your significant other with flowers she’s never received before and she’ll definitely appreciate the thought and effort that goes into each bouquet.

Buy Flowers That Are In-Season

Unless she’s been dropping hints about how much she adores roses and how amazing it would be to get a bouquet of roses next week, try your best to buy flowers that are in season. This is an especially important tip if you are planning to buy flowers “just because”. It follows the same principle as food. Produce and seafood that are in season are bigger and more delicious. Flowers that are in season are easier to find, more radiant in color, and are generally more affordable than flowers that are out of season.

Brush Up on Your Flower Language

Flowers are more than “just flowers”. Throughout history, flowers have been used to symbolize many different things. This is often called flower language. Knowing what a particular flower symbolizes can help you get those feelings that you can’t quite put into words across to your significant other. For example, sunflowers symbolize adoration and longevity, making them a good idea for anniversaries. On the other hand, lilacs are often used to symbolize the first emotions of love, making them a better fit for the first time you give flowers to your new girlfriend.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Florist for a Custom Bouquet

Don’t feel like your choices are limited to the bouquets that are already on display. These bouquets are often arranged in a way that appeals to a broader set of people. If you really want something that will wow your significant other, it’s a better idea to talk to an experienced florist in Houston, TX. A professional florist can easily make a custom bouquet based on the occasion you’re giving the flowers, your girl’s favorite colors, the message you want to tell her, and so on and so forth. When buying a bouquet of flowers, there’s no one better to ask help from than a florist.



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