Simple Landscaping Tips to Help Keep Your Lawns Well-Maintained and Looking Good

It sure is nice to be able to have a lush, green lawn filled with your favorite plants, flowers, and creative topiaries where you can walk and relax after a long day. This luxury, however, becomes impossible if you have unmowed lawn and overgrown trees and hedges.

Understandably, not everyone will have the time to be hands on with the upkeep of their lawns. However, an effort must at least be made so that problems don’t start creeping up and ruining the exterior of your property. In case you have some time management problems handling your lawn’s care and maintenance, here are some simple tips for you.

The Importance of Proper Landscaping for the Upkeep of Your Lawns

Prune as Needed

You’ll know it’s time to prune when you have overgrown branches from the tree in your yard, causing problems with your roof. Hedges with twigs and leaves growing any which way, making it look like in a disarray, is also a telltale sign it’s time to take the garden shears out. The more alert you are about the need for shearing, the better you can prevent having to do extra work.

This is especially crucial if you have topiaries in your garden because otherwise, they will lose their intended shape. It would be such a shame to not be able to appreciate your topiaries according to their design simply because they are unkempt. Make sure you get rid of the dead leaves and flowers, as well as dried twigs, and use the proper shears for it. If you are not comfortable about pruning intricate topiaries yourself, call on the services of a professional landscaping company.

Nourish the Soil

Quality plant growth starts from the soil. Correct fertilization and watering techniques are crucial for this. For fertilization, a product that providers micronutrients like copper, iron, and sulfur are known to be highly beneficial. Dolomitic lime is also advised to be applied every few years to avoid the soil from becoming acidic over time. When it comes to watering the plants, make sure that you do so early in the morning and never at night. Otherwise, you’re making your lawn susceptible to lawn fungus.

Protect Against Pests

It’s your responsibility to know what kinds of pests and insects are most common in your area. Take the time to get to know them so that you may protect your garden appropriately from them. You may need to get additional materials for plant protection such as wire mesh or fencing.

Consult the Pros

Good lawn design starts from good planning. If you want to have an easy-to-maintain garden or lawn, then get started by consulting with the professionals first. They are in the best position to help you map out a viable plan for the kinds of plants that you will have in your space, as well as how you can maximize its aesthetic appeal.

Landscaping companies can also provide you with additional decorations for the lawn or garden, such as garden fountains, or well-designed topiaries. These are sure to further upgrade the appeal of your property’s exterior.

Professional companies like River Oaks Plant House can help with various garden and landscaping needs.


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