Select the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day From a Houston Garden Center

Since time immemorial, children have been gifting their moms flowers for Mother’s Day. Flowers from a topiary or flower shop are a fitting choice because motherhood is closely linked with springtime and plants and because flowers radiate beauty and purity. As you weigh varying gift options, think about giving your mom one or more of the following flowers for Mother’s Day in Houston this year.



Roses were sacred to the Greek goddess Isis, who is viewed as an optimal mother figure. They are also used to represent the Virgin Mary. Yellow and pink are two popular rose colors for Mother’s Day. Yellow roses stand for friendship and devotion while light pink roses stand for joy, medium pink for grace, and dark pink for gratitude.


Irises stand for warmth and affection and also have an association with the Virgin Mary. While white and blue irises tend to be the most popular for Mother’s Day, irises are available in a wide array of colors.

Orchids symbolize love, refinement, and beauty. In China, the orchid symbol means “many children.” Moms are sure to appreciate their strong, exotic aesthetic.


While lilies are normally associated with Easter, they are often selected for Mother’s Day, too. The day lily is a Chinese symbol that means “motherhood.” It’s not uncommon to find a handful of white or calla lilies included in a mixed Mother’s Day bouquet. White lilies signify majesty and purity while calla lilies symbolize beauty.


According to Christian legend, the first pink carnations sprung from the ground where the Virgin Mary wept over Jesus’ death. This legend has led to the belief that carnations stand for a mother’s eternal love. You’ll find pink, white, and red carnations in numerous Mother’s Day bouquets.


Many people gift tulips to express their love. Red tulips stand for true love, pink tulips signify caring, and yellow tulips bring pleasant thoughts.

If you’re still in doubt about which flowers you should purchase for the upcoming holiday, consult with the experts at a trusted Houston garden center such as River Oaks Plant House. They’ll be more than happy to provide personal recommendations from their extensive selection of flowers.


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