Say it with Flowers: What a Houston Florist Should Probably Tell You

The practice of giving flowers to represent a certain emotion or feeling for another person or circumstance has been around for ages. However, a serious plant lover or florist living in Houston should know that not all flowers speak the same language. Years of culture and tradition have an effect on the actual meaning of flowers.

Floriography, or more aptly known as the language of flowers, dates back to Victorian age wherein a simple flower arrangement can convey an important message without anybody uttering a single word.

So before you pay or sign for a flower delivery in Houston, you should learn what the flowers are actually saying.


A flower’s color and floral arrangement can give a whole different meaning from what you intended to say.

The favorite flower of couples everywhere, roses are the go-to flower when a person wants to convey romantic feelings for another person. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as the rose petal’s color can speak another language.

For example, giving dark crimson roses means that either you or your intended is mourning. Also, giving yellow roses means that your love for that person had significant decreased due to jealousy.

Moreover, giving a bouquet of mature roses means that you are thankful while giving away a single full bloom means romantic love in flower language.

Not all flowers say nice things.

As in the example above, just because they look pretty, does not mean that leave nice messages. Yellow carnations speak of rejection and disappointment. Cyclamens and sweet pea actually mean goodbye while cherry blossoms speak of impermanence.

Flower language is normally derived from the appearance and from which culture they originate so it might be entirely possible that the floriography is not the same for some areas in the country.

It is useful to have a basic understanding on the language of flowers as it only denotes the amount of sincerity and effort you put in ordering the right type and arrangement of flowers according to the occasion. You can always ask you favorite Houston florist, like those experts from companies like River Oaks Plant House, for more tips and suggestions on how to send the right flower and arrangement to your loved ones.

The Language of Flowers,