River Oaks Plant House: Our Company Mission, Vision, and Commitment

River Oaks Plant House is a renowned topiary shop with an established reputation both here and abroad. We are widely known for our custom topiary masterpieces, stunning floral arrangements, and wide selection of cut flowers and plants. Our world class sculptors are extremely meticulous and creative, capable of making elegant designs of almost any size and shape. We take pride in constantly delivering exactly what our customers want.


Our mission is to understand the needs of our customer and to keep them coming back again and again. We strive to make each encounter with us a pleasant experience, form the freshest cut flowers and plants to fully customized topiary arrangements built from scratch. We believe that flowers and plants are the messengers of joy, thoughtfulness, and celebration, that’s why we make sure you’ll find these three qualities in our work.


While we may work on plants, our focus is always on people. This focus is expressed not only through the high quality service and products we offer customers, but also in the attention we pay to the development, competence, and wellbeing of our staff. This is our way of ensuring that our employees are motivated to constantly provide the quality of services we have come to be known for.


Our commitment is to combine the delivery of spectacular topiary designs with exceptional customer service. We make it a point to get to know our clients so we can understand your personal mission and vision for the flowers and plants we provide. Our goals is to make you happy with your decision and to trust us with all of your topiary needs. River Oaks Plant House will design for you beautiful topiaries that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

You can expect our topiaries to last for years because of the dedication, patience, experience, and meticulousness we put into each of our creations. All you have to do to maintain them is water and love. In exchange, they’ll return your love many times over.

River Oaks Plant House builds topiaries for homes, gardens, cities, counties, shopping centers, businesses, private buildings, amusement parks, zoos, museums, charity events, weddings, Fortune 500 companies, and even for the Presidents of the United States. For your topiary needs, get in touch with one of our locations today.

River Oaks Plant House
5930 Westheimer Rd,
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 977-5350


River Oaks Plant House
6103 Kirby Dr,
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 622-5350

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