Some Plant and Garden Maintenance Tips to Improve Your Lawn’s Aesthetic Value

Lawns and gardens have a huge impact on the aesthetic value of a property, easily improving its curb appeal. This is why it’s important that you have the right kind of plants and accessories like garden topiaries, and proper maintenance for it.

One of the foremost considerations you should factor in when planning out your garden is the climate of your location. Plants and flowers are sensitive to their environment too, which is why there are some that don’t grow as well in certain locations. How you tend to them daily will also impact their growth and longevity. Here are some tips on how you can make your garden lush and beautiful.

How You Can Get Quality Plant and Garden Maintenance for Your Property

Regular Pruning

You have to be mindful about the trees and shrubs in your lawn because their growth can easily overrun your property. Dry branches and twigs also do tend to cause a litter on your lawn, making cleanup more tedious. Branches overhanging on roofs can also cause damage and clog the gutters. Meanwhile, shrubs can become mangled, becoming an eyesore.

Topiaries as Decorative Pieces

Lawns and gardens are supposed to be a place where you can enjoy a bit of sunshine and relax right in your own yard. Add to its appeal by bringing in accents and decors such as topiaries. These make for a good touch as they can come in creative and unique designs.

Just make sure that you will take care of it like the rest of the garden and other plants in it. Water them regularly, especially during the summer. In the winter, topiaries could do with just a little bit of light watering instead to avoid frosting. As an added tip, you can use a drip feeder system to make its maintenance easier for you. If you’re not that confident about your topiary-forming skills, you can just purchase one from trusted suppliers.

Topiaries also can actually make for good aesthetic boundaries. Their creative shapes can provide an additional item of interest for your garden. With topiaries serving this purpose, you can ensure that the view from outside your window is one that’s going to be interesting and pleasing to the eye, and will also serve as a good topic of conversation, perfect for breaking the ice and small talk.

Correct Pots and Containers

Not everything has to be planted on the ground itself. Potted plants can be an asset in your garden as long as you use the right kind of pots and containers. Ideally, the bigger they are, the better it is for the plants. They will need the space for their roots, and also to help keep them standing upright even with strong winds.

They can also add a nice aesthetic touch to your garden. You can maybe even complement potted plants with a fountain or other decors such as birdhouses. Make sure that the material you choose is something that’s going to be sturdy and stable, and can handle the growth of the plant.

Proper Watering

One of the most common misconceptions of homeowners is that as long as plants are watered everyday, it’s going to stay alive and grow healthy. You may not realize it, though, but you could be overwatering your plants, which can cause them to drown. In fact, you’re only supposed to water your lawn twice a week at the most.

There is also such a thing as watering your lawn on time. Water the lawns just when the air is still a bit cool and the sun isn’t too high up yet to dry them out fast. Most homeowners make the mistake of watering their lawns and gardens at night only because it’s a lot cooler and more convenient for them. This is actually the worst time for you to water the lawn, though, because the water does not get absorbed as well by the soil, which means that it ends up just creating a pool of water. In turn, it puts the lawn and plants at risk of fungal growth as well as other lawn diseases.

Companies such as River Oaks Plant House can help you with landscaping services for quality plant and garden maintenance and topiary needs.


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