Why You Need to Shop for Fresh Blooms at Flower Shops Right Now

Perhaps flowers are not the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of getting healthier. Most people only purchase flowers as a gift for that special someone on a special occasion. But what if science has proven that flowers, especially fresh flowers, really do have an impact on our health? You may be already familiar with the health benefits of drinking flower-infused tea, but here are a few improvements you can experience when you place a bouquet of fresh flowers indoors.

Relief of Pain

There is a reason why people bring flowers to their friends who are sick and why today’s hospitals have gardens inside. Park and Mattson conducted a study to a number of patients in hospitals. In the study, they analyze the different reactions of patients who received a get-well-soon flower and those who didn’t. They found that patients who received flowers had a lot more positive frame of mind and experienced less pain and therefore, needed less medication. They also had a stable pulse rate and a lower blood pressure compared to those who didn’t receive any flowers.

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Elevating Happiness Level

The most notable study regarding the correlation between fresh flowers and emotional well-being was done by Rutgers researchers named Jeanette Haviland-Jones and her husband, Terry McGuire. In their study, there were three groups of people. Each group received a different thank-you gift: a decorative candle, a fruit basket, and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

The research team then analyzed the facial expressions of these people upon receiving the gift. Those who received flowers exhibited the Duchenne smile, the genuine, true smile which involves the movements of the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Three days later, the level of happiness of the flower recipients was still higher than other participants in the study. The team believes that flowers do have a lasting effect on our emotions, especially happiness.

Boost Memory and Concentration

The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study that concluded that people who work in an office decorated by flowers tend to have better cognitive performance. Cognitive performance involves the sleep-wake cycle, awareness, attention, mood, appetite-satiety, and memory, so all of these aspects can be promoted, as well.

Science has spoken, and it has determined that flowers do have an impact on both our physical and mental health. When buying fresh flowers to bring home, always choose professional flower shops such as River Oaks Plant House.


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