Looking Good: Topiary and Other Great Options for Better Curb Appeal

Homeowners, whether in Houston or elsewhere, would always want their home to look impressive. Wowing visitors and passersby isn’t just all about pride, though; it’s often a good investment. Many people who seek to sell off their homes or rent them out want potential buyers and renters to give the house a second look. However, having a well-manicured lawn and a well-painted exterior isn’t often enough. For residents who want to spruce things up, there are a lot of things you can do add to your home’s curb appeal, like add topiary to replacing your front doors. Here are a few examples.

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Improving Your Lawn

One of the centerpieces of your home’s facade is your lawn. There’s a lot that you can do to make it attractive to passersby. Something simple like planting a few shrubs and flowers can help you out a lot. However, you can do a lot better than that. Adding topiaries to the lawn can be intimidating, but the final results can have people turning their heads. However, if you want good results, it’s best to get professional help. A local garden center like the River Oaks Plant House would be able to give advice on how you can set things up and even provide you with some basic topiary that you’ll just need to maintain.

Installing Lights

Curb appeal should be a 24/7 concern. When the sun sets, your good-looking lawn doesn’t have the same impact. That’s why you’ll want to install some lights on your front yard. The careful placement of lights can focus on the main parts of your lawn like the trees, the walkway, the windows, and doors. This doesn’t just highlight the sections that you want seen, but can also give your home another layer of security; burglars don’t like to be seen skulking around, so a few lights can spook them. You don’t even have to add to your electricity bill since nowadays, there are several lighting options that can be independently powered by solar panels. A day’s charge can often last you half a night or more.

Upgrading the Facade

The other part that you renovate is the facade of your house, with the most basic upgrade being a fresh coat of paint. However, if you want people to be really impressed, install new doors and windows. Your garage doors are a good choice of what to replace—they’re large and noticeable from the front and can also improve your house’s energy efficiency.


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