Looking to Build Your Very Own Topiary Garden? These Steps can Show You How

When you are looking to do something more creative with your lawn, consider putting in a number of topiary pieces. They are clever. They are amusing. Most of all, they make your backyard stand out from everyone else’s.

A topiary display on your backyard is a great way to add more character to your lawn. It’s also a great way to introduce your children to the beauty of nature. With any luck, they’ll even be inspired to help keep your garden lush and healthy.

That said, a topiary garden needs careful planning. Here are some easy steps you can follow to build your topiary garden easily and successfully.

Useful Steps to Follow When Building a Topiary Garden in Your Backyard

Look at the Size of Your Lawn

Check how much space you have and determine how many topiary pieces you can fit in it. You should not have too many of them as that may make your lawn look quite crowded. Instead, you should make sure that there’s sufficient distance between each piece so your family and your guests can move around them easily.

The size of your lawn may also determine if you can accommodate wide topiary pieces or if you are better off going with those that are more vertical. Make these determinations first so that you can be more confident about the topiary pieces that you would be shopping for later on.

Think About the Theme

One of the things that you get to do when setting up a topiary garden is to decide on a theme. You can even turn to your kids for inspiration. If they are interested in animals, you can probably do a farm topiary theme on your lawn.

You can also use special occasions as a theme guide for your topiary garden. This means you can change your topiary look according to what you’re celebrating at the moment, whether that’s Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Easter, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. This is a great way to usher your entire family into the holiday spirit. In fact, why not go ahead and ask them what kind of topiary design ideas they have in mind?

Choose Your Topiary Pieces

Once you’ve got the theme figured out, it’s time to choose your topiary pieces. Visit your topiary specialist and check out what kind of pieces they have available for your theme. For instance, you can easily bring the farm theme to life by adding in topiary pieces such as pigs, goats, roosters, horses and even a moose.

If you are thinking of doing a jungle theme, you may want to consider featuring topiary pieces such as bears, elephants, hippos, flamingos, monkeys, giraffes and lions. This theme would be particularly good if you have wide backyard space. It’s also a good idea to order these pieces in small and large sizes so that it would seem that you have a mix of adult and baby topiary animal pieces on display, making them look much closer to reality.

You can also have a big turkey topiary on display for Thanksgiving and replace it with a number of reindeer during Christmas time. Just don’t forget about Santa, too. A huge bunny and a handful of eggs would be an absolute hit come Easter time.

It never hurts to ask garden and landscaping experts if they can do custom pieces for you in case there’s a design you really want that is not on their display or catalogue. This way, you can let your creativity shine to build a landscaping masterpiece that you would be proud to show off to both family and friends.

Follow these steps and you should have a wonderful topiary garden in no time. Getting the whole family involved would be a good idea too. You never know, this could be the one activity that you and your kids can enjoy working on for years.


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