Let Your Topiary Imagination Blossom in Crafting Your Personal Garden

Flowers are certainly beautiful, which would explain the insurgence of plant and garden areas around Houston in recent years. While one could buy a rose from a store, nothing quite compares to the fragrance and beauty of your own cultivated blooms. In fact, many commercial plants and flowers have been crossbred to favor color and size as opposed to smell, which to many, are not as special as organically-grown flora.


Crafting your own garden takes time and patience, but the freshness that pristine plants give can really enhance your home, regardless of the season. If you insist that you lack a green thumb, there are a variety of companies like River Oaks Plant House, who can help you with landscaping, flower arranging, and even invoke Edward Scissor hands by creating whimsical shapes out of the bushes in your yard.

The Art of Topiary

While pristine rows of flowers and strategically placed shrubs can certainly make for a beautiful garden, nothing is quite as striking and surreal as a topiary installation. When you first think of a topiary, your mind may be heralded away to grandiose tree sculptures that have been expertly trimmed with agile hands. While topiary gardens originally focused on sculpting with shears, more modern practices involve creating a base that will last forever.

Finely chiseled foliage is beautiful and refined, but it requires a great deal of upkeep to stay marvelous. By constructing a frame (usually made of steel) that’s overlaid with moss padding, one doesn’t have to worry about keeping sprawling leaves from overgrowing and ruining the shape of the statue.

Fig ivy is a commonly used plant in topiary. It is very hearty and voluminous, yielding richly green leaves that will echo the beauty of an arboreal paradise. After the ivy is adhered to the moss it is easy to manage and will thrive in a variety of conditions.

You can have your topiary figures constructed to resemble anything, from unicorns to geometric shapes, and the possibilities are endless. Consult a Houston topiary business to get started. Before long you’ll feel like you’re living in a wonderland.

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