Know What You Want to Say Before You Send Flowers to a Loved One

Have you ever wondered what kind of flowers you should give people to say thank you? How about flowers to wish people a speedy recovery, or to say that you love them? Most would just go to a flower shop and pick an arrangement that looks nice but if you want to score a plus point in the eyes of your lover, friend, or family, find out what each flower actually means.


You will almost always see a bouquet of roses sitting on the window display of any flower shop. Rose is a flower that is heavily tied to love and romance, but it has also been linked to sympathy or sorrow for hundreds of years. There are over 100 species of roses, which makes it an extremely versatile flower.

Planning to Send Flowers Out Today? Here’s What You’re Saying with It


An arrangement of peonies represents a beautiful, budding romance between two people.

While peonies do come in many colors, the meanings they contain don’t change much. Pink peonies are the most famous of all. They are often used in weddings as the bride’s bouquet and for table arrangements.


Famous for its difficulty to grow, an orchid is a flower that is held in very high regard since the ancient times. Though it does symbolize love and beauty, the main message conveyed by an orchid is strength and courage. If someone in your life is going through a tough time, sending them an orchid may just help to motivate them to push through.


The Lily is perhaps the flower most commonly associated with funerals, and for good reason. Lilies, especially the white ones, symbolize rebirth and renewal. The flower reminds people that an end is simply a beginning of another phase.


Tulip used to be a classic symbol of love. Nowadays, the meaning of the flower greatly depends on its color. For example, yellow tulips represent an unrequited love. Purple ones symbolize prosperity, while red tulips will convey the feeling of passion and undying love.

After learning the meaning of the flowers you will give, don’t forget to also tell the person what it means. It will show them that you took extra effort to make them happy, and that is the thing that will make them love you more. If you want to send some flowers and know the meaning behind your chosen arrangement, make your purchase at a professional flower shop such as River Oaks Plant House.


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