Houston Plant and Garden Specialists Share 5 Topiary Tree Care Tips

Topiary trees require more maintenance steps than other trees. While you can practically leave most trees to grow unchecked, topiary trees must be regularly trimmed and cared for to keep them looking their best. Growing and shaping topiary trees can be a lot of fun, but it helps to know the right way to care for them from the start. If you want to have them in your home, your Houston topiary specialists share a few critical care tips to help you retain their beauty and keep them healthy.

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Step 1

Feed topiary trees with flower food at least every few weeks until they have fully formed or filled out the pot or plant bed. Use fertilizer or manure around the plant base and replace the soil once a year to provide the plant with fresh nutrients.

Step 2

Water topiary plants at least once a week and let the water sink deeply into the soil to keep it evenly moist. For best results, take the plant to a sink and water thoroughly. Let the water drain, then return the plant to its location. Don’t let the plant sit in a puddle of water, and don’t let it completely dry out.

Step 3

During early spring, prune the topiary liberally to return the plant back to its intended shape. Spring is its growing season, so trim the topiary as necessary during this time. Be careful not to trim too much, as it can take months and even years for a topiary tree to regrow lost foliage from one bad cut.

Step 4

If you use wires to shape your topiary tree, you will need to check the wires regularly and ensure they are not rubbing against any branch. If the wires have started to oxidize, remove accumulated rust with a used toothbrush. Rust can weaken the wires and give them a more abrasive surface, which can be bad for the tree.

Step 5

Most topiary trees need sunlight, so make sure you let the sun shine on your plant. Rotate them once every week so every side receives the sun’s rays.

Houston plant and garden experts such as River Oaks Plant House can supply you with the plants and service you need to maintain your topiary trees. Contact them if you need more specific care tips for your particular plants.


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