Houston Natural Design: How a Topiary Brings Beauty to Home and Garden

Topiaries, by definition, is the art of clipping plants and trees into a specific shape. It serves as both decoration and focal point for your garden. However, due to the challenging creation and intricate maintenance a topiary requires, most Houston residents turn to a professional plant and garden landscaping company to get the job done.

Despite of this, most Houston residents still opt to get topiaries in their gardens to make their homes more inviting, classy, and elegant.

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The Art of Living Sculptures

The most striking thing about topiaries is that they provide charm and beauty to your garden without cluttering it. Since the decorations are the plants themselves, there is little to no need for the addition of a man-made artifice that can make a garden look tacky.

Contrary to tree lopping, the art of topiaries is mostly limited to woody shrubs and evergreens. With a simple snip of garden shears and clippers, a box plant can be a masterpiece waiting to happen.

The shape and design can vary from the most straightforward pyramid shape to the most complex shapes (animal or human silhouettes) one can think of, depending on the expertise of the one holding the gardening shears. Maintaining the original shape is important to keep your topiaries visually inviting.

How to choose your topiaries for your home and garden

Topiaries can also be added in any room inside your house to make it a bit livelier. Since these plant decorations comes in all shapes and sizes, it is important to know beforehand the possible design and shapes that would work for your home.

Traditional topiaries are normally large and should only be put in large, expansive spaces like a backyard or a garden. They can be used to highlight a specific area in your garden – for example, a series of spiral-shaped cypresses lined along the garden path or walkway.

Creeping plants or vines can also be used as topiaries, mainly to give some dramatic effect to structures like a patio or a lanai. You can even shape them into your desired design by letting them creep on a unique wireframe so it can trail and grow according to the wire frame’s shape.

You can talk to a professional arborist or a landscape design company if you want to know more about getting a topiary in your garden and home. 

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