Houston Flower Delivery: What Kind of Flowers to Give Your Mother

Many grateful individuals lavish their moms with gifts on special occasions as tokens of their appreciation, and one of the most popular gift ideas are flowers. However, thanking the first woman in your life with flowers should not be confined to only a few days out of the entire year; you know she deserves much more than that.

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Move past the cliché of giving your mom a bouquet of roses solely on her birthday or on every second Sunday of May, and surprise her with the loveliest bouquet ever. Here are some ideas for you to consider before you call up your local Houston flower delivery service.

Add a splash of color

Growing up, you probably took note of your mom’s absolute favorite color. If she likes yellow, you can give her some neatly arranged yellow tulips that would look perfect in her favorite vase. If pink is her color, go for a nice bouquet of carnations or some orchids. Steer clear of white flowers unless your mom likes their simplicity. Feel free to mix and match assorted flowers in complementary colors to make your arrangement richer and more interesting.

Be symbolic about it

You can also base your choice of flowers on symbolism or mythology. For example, lilacs are thought to embody new love but are also associated with the love between mother and child. Irises, on the other hand, stand for affection and warmth. Meanwhile, legend has it that carnations sprung from the tears the Virgin Mary shed when her son Jesus died, and therefore symbolize a mother’s eternal love for her child. To really drive the message home, you can add a little note to your bouquet to tell her why you chose a particular flower.

Make her remember she’s special

Beyond color and symbolism, you can pick a floral arrangement according to what your mom prefers. Flip through old photos of your mom and dad on their wedding day to see what kind of flowers she was carrying as she walked down the aisle. You can bring the picture to your florist in Houston and have them come up with the exact same arrangement, or something even better.

A bouquet of flowers is always more meaningful when you put a lot of thought into personalizing it. The best flower shops, like River Oaks Plant House, specialize in fulfilling requests for any occasion.



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