Houston Florist Gives Expert Advice on the Best Flower Arrangement for a Bridal Bouquet

There’s no denying that planning a wedding can be downright stressful and nerve-wracking, especially for the bride. Fortunately, a Houston florist can help out brides-to-be in their search for the perfect flower bouquet for their dream weddings. Every bride will surely be proud to walk down the aisle holding any of these bouquets.


Roses have long been associated with all kinds of passionate and beautiful love, so it should be no wonder why it is the most commonly chosen bouquet for weddings. While roses are certainly typical, they are far from boring as its multitude of colors and variants can lead to several exciting floral arrangements. Better yet, roses are also almost always in season so you don’t have to worry about not having enough flowers for the bouquet and the whole wedding arrangement.

Houston Florist Gives Would-Be Brides Tips on Choosing Wedding Flowers

Furthermore, if you are big on the old Victorian custom of using flowers to send a message, all colors of roses have a specific romantic meaning attached to it. Even the number of roses in a bouquet can tell a story.


There was a point in time when mankind went crazy for tulips. Said to mean “all-consuming love,” these pretty little buds can make any wedding look dreamy and elegant. Tulips are available in rich and varied colors and forms, and are generally in season during the months of April and May. Its vibrant colors are sure to grab everyone’s attention while its elegant chalice-like form will fascinate onlookers.

Calla Lily

While calla lilies are not really lilies, that has certainly not stopped it from being a perennial favorite for bridal bouquets. Its distinct shape coupled with its intriguing colors make it a flower bouquet to remember.


While hydrangeas may look like they’re frigid and vain, you’d be surprised by their symbolism. In certain countries, hydrangeas are given to symbolize deep, heartfelt emotions. Its bushy head is available in a myriad of colors that range from bright to solemn, making it a charming flower bouquet addition, indeed.

Bouquet accessories

There is no written rule that you can use one type of flower for your wedding bouquet. In fact, most wedding magazines suggest that you try using different types of flowers for interesting color combinations. You can even combine them with other non-floral elements.

For instance, autumn and winter weddings often find their bouquets combined with unripe berries and herbs. Blackberries, rosemary, raspberries, lavender, and blueberries can make a surprisingly good combination with flowers to make a wedding bouquet. It can also add a rather whimsical touch that is perfect for the occasion. Boho brides might also find the addition of peacock and pheasant feathers in their bouquets gorgeous and fun. It adds a splash of color, plus it makes your bouquet look longer than it really is.

For a more organic look, adding foliage (e.g., olive branches, eucalyptus) can make any floral bouquet look chic and high-end. You can even add trailing foliage like ivory and ruscus to make a breathtaking cascading wedding bouquet. If you are still having trouble choosing flowers, ask your Houston florist to help you out.


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