Helpful Tips on How You can Send Flowers Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether it be a single stem or an impressive bouquet, flowers remain to be one of most effective gifts anyone can give to their loved ones. Most people, however, go about randomly choosing flowers for delivery, not knowing that there are specific types that go best with every occasion.

It’s time for you to send flowers mindfully, knowing what kind of message you are sending with the lovely blooms.

Send Flowers to Loved Ones with the Right Selection for the Occasion


Roses are easily recognizable and no doubt among the most popular types of flowers. They come in different sizes and colors, but always with that unmistakably romantic appeal. Basically, you can send roses at any time and it’s going to be a perfect selection.

Red and pink roses specifically mean love and passion, respectively, which is why these are perfect for anniversaries and other romantic occasions. White roses, meanwhile, signify peace and calm, most apt in times of personal turmoil or sadness. They can also be sent to offer sympathies.


This bulb spring flower is one of the most visually appealing flowers out there, what with its vibrant colors and unique petal shape. Just like roses, different colors also have different meanings for tulips.

Yellow is good for cheering people up and brightening what could otherwise be a bad day. White means forgiveness, while red means love, and purple means royalty.


Orchids are certainly a unique bunch. There are over 3,000 species to choose from, with every one of them having their own special meaning. Because of its long-standing history as a rare and exotic flower, a lot of mystery enshrouds it. Up to this day, it remains that the rarer the specie is, the more special or the deeper the love and passion of the sender is for the receiver.

Because of its delicate nature, it is also often associated with elegance and sophistication, specifically the white one. Yellow orchids represent fresh starts and cherished friendships, while purple, like tulips, also reflect royalty, respect, and admiration. Purple is also one of the more recognizable colors of orchids, making it a popular choice.

Meanwhile, pink symbolizes grace, femininity, and joy. It also is the official color for couples celebrating their 14th and 25th anniversaries, so if you’re about to celebrate that milestone, pink orchids are certainly worth considering for that special bouquet.


Lilies are another huge favorite for special occasion deliveries. They represent fertility and motherhood, which is why it’s perfect to send over to new mothers. It is also symbolic of youth and beauty, as well as passion and regality. If you’re celebrating your 30th anniversary, this is also the official flower for this particular milestone. Apart from that, however, lilies are also commonly given for funerals, symbolizing how in death, the departed regain their innocence.


Usually associated with happiness and bright feelings, a sunflower is actually a type of daisy, which also happens to feature edible seeds. One of the more outstanding features of the sunflower is its longevity. Once in bloom, it can stand proudly towards the sun for months on end, even despite the intense heat of the summer sun. When given to another, sunflowers can stand to mean admiration, or even platonic love. It also represents loyalty, positivity, and adoration.

These are just some of the many different kinds of flowers that you can send to people that matter to you. Whether it is to wish them luck or congratulations, to express love and admiration, or to send commiserations, flowers will always be a perfect non-verbal way to send a message.

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