Get Custom Topiary, Flower and Garden Designs from Florist in Houston

Flowers aren’t just for special occasions, but can be given at any time to show appreciation and love. Is your landscape in need of a fresh, new idea? Consider a topiary garden or new plants to enhance your estate.

Topiary Garden

Use your creative imagination and the assistance of a topiary designer to make your landscape beautiful and original. Whether you’re looking to add a certain animal sculpture or arrange your shrubs into tantalizing pieces of art, no job is too small for your local florist. Why not allow them to customize your landscaping and gardens using their highly trained specialists? You’ll love giving your yard that “wow” factor!

garden designs florist


Although roses are a wonderful gift for any occasion, don’t wait for the typical birthday, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, or anniversary to give them to your special someone. Surprise them for “just because.” Roses are, of course, one of the most highly given flowers, but there are many others to choose from to offer color to your table settings or brighten up your entry.

Several beautiful flowers that grow well in Houston are: Phlox, Primrose, Snapdragons, Lobelia, and Alyssum. Houston’s climate is perfect for flower delivery in Houston and is always available for your requests. There is nothing like walking into your home or office and smelling fresh flowers!

Garden Designs

Houston’s climate is conducive to many different types, styles, and colors of plants, trees, and shrubs. Perhaps your yard has lost its lushness? There’s no time like the present to give your gardens the extra touch it needs to enhance your swimming pool area, fountains, or walkways. Shrubs such as Oleanders, Gardenias or Azaleas offer different sizes in gorgeous colors and would make an outstanding contrast to other trees, flowers or vines in your gardens. Allow a garden designer to use an innovative strategy to design a plan that will make others envious of your gorgeous landscaping. Spring is an excellent time of the year to plant many of the local flowers, shrubs, and flowers.

Your florist in Houston will always be ready to assist you in any of your gardening projects. Seek the guidance and services of reliable professionals like River Oaks Plant House.


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