Frequently Asked Questions about Flower Delivery Services

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Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, mourning the passing of a loved one, or simply decorating your home, flowers can be a great tool for expressing emotions and perking up a rather gloomy atmosphere. The beauty and scent of freshly cut blooms could pull out honest and genuine sentiments as well as etch prized moments in everyone’s mind.

While you can pick flowers from your own garden and arrange them yourself to make your gift more personalized, it would pale in comparison to the lovely work of a professional florist. Especially if you want more variety and value into your bouquet, you’d find it more practical to just grab one from a trusted flower shop like River Oaks Plant House. After all, they have more species of flowers in store than you could ever find in your yard. Plus, when it comes to flower choice and arrangement, there’s no doubt that a florist can do better, so you can expect an excellent output.

Buying flowers, however, can be a little tricky, especially if you know little about flower care and delivery. To make sure you’ll get the highest quality pieces or bunch, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the florist a few questions that could help you decide. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about local flower delivery and sale that you might want to include in your list of inquiries.

What type of flower shop are you?

Not all flower shops are the same. They differ in size, the species of flowers they sell, and even suppliers. Also, because demand for flowers varies from state to state, flower shops are compelled to limit their business according to their market’s needs. Generally, there are at least eight types of flower shops you can choose from:

  • Full-Service

    – Offers everything from flowers and floral services to consultation.

  • Specialty

    – Specializes in one or a few types of flowers and aspects of floral design.

  • Carriage Trade

    – A full-service shop that caters to a select group of customers, particularly the well-to-do ones.

  • Stern

    – Offers cut flowers by the stem or bunch and sells on a “cash and carry” basis.

  • Studio

    – Usually has no storefront and does business online. They also specialize in select occasions, such as corporate events and weddings.

  • Franchise

    – Runs according to the instruction of a parent company, which means their products and system are limited by that instruction.

  • Mass Market – What you see in supermarkets; run by the supermarket or by a small retailer renting a space in the supermarket, and generally doesn’t offer a delivery service.
  • Wholesale

    – Buys flowers from a supplier and sells them to consumers.

By knowing the different types of flower business, you can easily tell which one could best provide the specific flowers and floral services you need. If you need the flowers delivered, you wouldn’t want to buy from a mass market shop, would you? Your best bet is a full-service flower shop like River Oaks Plant House, as not only do they have a great selection of the best flowers for every occasion available, but they offer an outstanding flower delivery service in Houston, TX as well.

Do you grow your own flowers?

Established flower shops have long figured out that the best way to keep their flowers fresh is to have them grown locally. That way, the flowers don’t have to brave long travels, which can easily strip away their crispness. You certainly have a better chance of finding the freshest blooms from flower shops that grow their own flowers.

Do you import flowers? If so, how do you handle them?

While growing flowers locally is a great choice for flower shops, certain species of flowers have to be imported because they are practically impossible to grow in the United States. So don’t be surprised when the flower shop tells you that it might take some time before you can receive a particular type of flower you ordered. Ask how the importation process works to be absolutely sure that you will still get the most value for your money when the flowers arrive.

How does your flower delivery service work?

Flower delivery service could come in handy when you can’t give someone flowers in person or if the recipient is not the type that handles surprises very well. However, you have to ask to what lengths the flower shop would go when delivering flowers so that everything about the surprise will go smoothly as planned.

What flowers should I give to a person who is sick?

When giving flowers, it’s important that you choose the type that suits the situation to avoid being offensive. Especially if you are giving to someone who is recovering from an injury or illness, you wouldn’t want to give flower that do not convey the “get well” message. Flowers that exhibit a bright explosion of colors are the best option for this occasion because they invoke soft meditative feelings of warmth and comfort.

Can you deliver flowers to a hospital?

Most flower shops deliver to hospitals, but ask this question anyway just to make sure your chosen flower shop does. Then again, keep in mind that most hospitals have a specific policy on flower deliveries, especially in areas like the intensive care unit where patients can be sensitive to pollens and strong fragrance. This is also why you need to be very careful when choosing the flowers you wish to send.

How long would it take before I can get my topiary?

Unlike flower pieces and bouquets, topiaries take longer to design and make. Especially if you ordered a customized product, the flower shop might ask you to wait for a couple or more weeks before they can deliver your topiary. So take the duration of the crafting into account when ordering topiaries.

These are only some of the questions most florists receive on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt to be inquisitive when you are buying such a special gift like flowers. Having a flower shop that you can confidently turn to anytime you need fresh blooms is essential not just to your social life but also to your own well-being.



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