Flowers or Topiary Speaks Volumes About Who You Are to Recipients

Researchers have confirmed what we have all known for centuries: flowers make people happy. Researchers at Rutgers University have also discovered that giving flowers as a gift can make a positive impression on the person receiving it. A Houston garden center can help you choose the right cut or live flowers to send.



People who give flowers as a gift are often seen as more successful than those who give more conventional gifts. Although the reasons why are not clear, flower givers are perceived as achievers and highly capable individuals.

Relationship Oriented

According to the research, people who give flowers communicate the importance of building strong, healthy relationships whether the recipient is a friend, colleague, business partner or family member. It is possible that the positive emotions elicited by flowers become associated with the person giving the flowers.

Emotionally Intelligent

Your emotional intelligence, or EQ, describes the way that you identify and manage your own emotions to communicate and overcome challenges. People who give flowers are seen as more emotionally intelligent than those who don’t. Although the research does not give reasons why, flower givers are also credited as having greater empathy than conventional gift givers.

Linking Learning to Life

There are several implications for the findings of this study and others like it. First, since happy people working for or with someone they see as capable and able to connect with them emotionally as well as intellectually are measurably more productive, giving flowers to your employees and colleagues can go a long way toward achieving a positive, productive work environment. Secondly, if you have made a not-so-good first impression on someone, it is possible to change that impression with the gift of flowers.

It should be noted that the positive effects of giving flowers as gifts are most noticeable at the individual level. Many business owners in Houston like topiary bushes with seasonal flowers. Giving that topiary from your company to another company will be far less meaningful than sending the gift expressly from you to the other company’s owner.


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