Flowers for Every Occasion: Advice from the Best Florist in Houston

Flowers for Every Occasion: Advice from the Best Florist in Houston - image img3-1 on https://www.riveroaksplanthouse.comPeople have given their loved ones flowers to mark special occasions for centuries and continue to do so even today. After all, the bright and cheerful nature of a fresh bouquet of flowers can make any occasions more memorable. Unfortunately, not everyone is well-versed in the art of giving flowers. Although walking into a flower store and asking for a bouquet of pretty flowers is certainly something you can do, bouquets with a little more thought put into its selection are much more special. This is where knowing an experienced florist comes in.

Any florist will tell you that certain flowers are better suited for certain occasions. It’s okay if you don’t know which flower is best for birthdays or wedding anniversaries. The best florist in Houston would be more than happy to provide you with a recommendation based on the occasion you are planning to celebrate.

First Dates: Tulips or Orchids

The practice of giving your date a bouquet of flowers on the first date is no longer common today–and that’s why you can score a lot of points with this simple gesture. Seeing as this is your first date, roses and other highly romantic flowers are probably too overwhelming. Instead of roses, try giving a small bouquet of tulips or orchids. These flowers are absolutely breathtaking to receive, yet are not as intimidating as the romantic connotations of a rose.

Anniversaries: Seasonal Flower or the Corresponding Year’s Flower

Just like there are “specific” gifts for milestone anniversary years, there are also specific flowers. For example, the 10th Year Anniversary flower is a daffodil, while the 30th Anniversary flower is a lily. If you are celebrating a non-milestone anniversary, it may be a good idea to go with a flower that is in-season as these will be a lot more lush and colorful than flowers that are out of season.

Birthdays: Her Favorite or Her Birth Month Flower

Flowers on her birthday is a sweet gesture regardless of what stage your relationship is in currently. For the most part, the best option is to go with her favorite flower in her favorite color. If you do not know her favorite flower and don’t want to say anything that will ruin the surprise of birthday flowers, you can go with the birth month flower:

January: Carnation

February: Violet

March: Daffodil

April: Daisy

May: Lily

June: Rose

July: Larkspur

August: Gladiolus

September: Aster

October: Marigold

November: Chrysanthemum

December: Poinsettia

Get Well Soon: Irises or Daffodils

Flowers are a great option for cheering up people who are feeling under the weather. Before you talk to a florist near downtown Houston, however, you may want to take into consideration where your friend or loved one may be. If they are recovering in the hospital, it may not be a good idea to bring flowers that are too fragrant. Irises are a fantastic choice since they do not have a powerful fragrance and their colors add a splash of life to most hospital rooms. If they are recovering at home, yellow daffodils are a good choice as the flower is often used a symbolism for rebirth.


How to Choose Flowers for Every Occasion,

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