Flower Shops in Houston: Blooms Inspired by Great Literary Characters

If the common saying is to be believed, and that April showers had indeed brought May flowers, this is the best time for you to send your loved one (or significant other) a bouquet, especially in honor of spring or Mother’s Day. Flowers are a wonderful gift you can give to those close to your heart, and if they love books, why not give them flowers inspired by their favorite literary character? Fortunately, you can find these unique blooms in leading flower shops in Houston and have them arranged for your loved one.

Flower Shops in Houston Blooms Inspired by Great Literary Characters

Flower Names in Classics

Is your loved one a fan of classic literature? There’s an endless number of timeless literary characters named after flowers, one of them is Rosa Bud from Charles Dickens’ unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Like a rose, Rosa Bud catches everyone’s attention, earning their desire the way a rose in full bloom catches everyone’s eyes. Perhaps your special someone is like Viola from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Similar to a violet, Viola is not afraid to break gender roles and is a proven survivor, adding more color to life the way a violet gives more spunk to a flower arrangement.

Perhaps you want to pay homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald with a bouquet of daisies, as Daisy Buchanan had added color to The Great Gatsby. Though she might be pretty to look at, Daisy isn’t as lovely as her name suggests, as she hides coldness within her beautiful façade.

Flower Names in Modern Literature

Believe it or not, characters named after flowers are still sprinkled in today’s popular books. Your lady, if she is a  Hunger Games fanatic, might appreciate a bouquet adorned with katniss, an aquatic plant that’s both beautiful and edible, the same way Katniss Everdeen herself is both alluring and helpful to her family. Moreover, if your loved one is both strong and beautiful, just like the way Lily Owens in Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees was after suffering through a lot of pain, then you can’t go wrong with a lovely arrangement of lilies.

A true Harry Potter fan might appreciate your gift of narcissus flowers, though the character named after this flower, Narcissa Malfoy, might not be their most favorite character, given her dark background.

Giving these meaningful flowers to your loved one are very likely to tug at their heartstrings. Just remember to get to know their favorite book(s) or best-loved, flower-inspired literary character. With the help of Houston flower delivery services, which companies like River Oaks Plant House offer, you can support something that they love (i.e. reading) while at the same time showing how much they really mean to you.

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